(Write Away: 1) What to do When You Just Can’t Write

Can I tell you a secret?

You always hear, and I have written this as well, that we should write every day, even if it's only a little. Then you hear the smart advice to publish every day, to practice in public.

But I didn't expect it to be so hard. 


A couple of months ago I had an idea I thought was pretty neat, though intimidating. I was going to (finally) start writing a novel and write articles about writing a novel. To be vulnerable. Share my experience including the ups, downs and dirty daipers.

Well, I am kind of starting on a down.

You know what though? Maybe that's okay. Novels should start with one emotion, happy sad, etc., and end on the opposite. Maybe this story, the story behind writing a story, will then end happily?

But I want this series of articles, which I am going to call Write Away, to be more than a diary. A behind the scenes of a novel series that's helpful for you. For you to learn from my mistakes and successes. 


And my problem on this day is fear.

I'm afraid to start because I am then committing myself to writing almost every day. I am afraid to start actually writing a novel because I have had this dream and idea for so long. Everything I have been doing: the short stories, learning from podcasts and the hundreds of articles I've read plus two online courses have all been in preparation for putting words into an entertaining book. 

BUT what if I suck?

BUT what if I suck?

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I know you feel or have felt this way. So how do we get past it just write?

By forcing ourselves to write. Anything. I could barely get myself to write this but it did, though it wasn't easy.

By finding friends to hold you accountable. To write with you, even if they're not beside you.

By  taking it one word at a time. Small goals. Take a step back and remember you can only do it day by day, and you have to enjoy it while you're in the moment.
And you know what? 

With each word I type as my kids play Lego's in the next room, I feel better. And you will, too. 

Writing really is therapy. 

With each word I type as my kids play Lego's in the next room, I feel better. And you will, too. #writermom

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What Now?

I encourage you to follow me in this new series. To join me as I write a novel, probably sometimes with a two-year-old on my lap.

But don't do it for me.

Read the Write Away series for you. Sometimes the best way of learning how to do something is to see or read someone else's experiences. Somone else's vulnerability and watch as their writing matures. Like with Tim Grahl in the Story Grid Podcast.

I'm terrified.

And ecstatic.

But we are going to do this. Tomorrow, I'm sure I will be just as scared to write again, especially when I start to write the first pages of my book. But I want you to see. To understand and know that you are not alone. Writing can be hard but isn't that part of the joy? 

Whew. Let's do this!

See you tomorrow, writer mom. Writer friend.

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