When Space was Made

Once upon a time…

There was a kid, but the sky wasn’t there. Then he saw a baby cloud. When that cloud bursted, the sky came! 

But there wasn’t space. 

Then there was a black cloud that looked like a baby. Then the black cloud bursted and space came, but no one could see it. 

So the kid built a spaceship. He counted down to five. 






He said, “Blast off!”

He cheered when he saw space. But there were no planets, or stars. 

Then he saw planets that look like babies. Then those planets exploded! The baby planets turned into brothers when they exploded and then the brothers exploded, too! 

Then they turned into mommies and then mommies exploded, too! 

Then they turned into circle planets and stars. 

He took pictures of all the stuff that were exploding. Then the kid went back to earth. He feeled good. 

The end!

This story teller is a five-year-old who loves Legos, monster trucks and space. He is the best little boy in the world, though, as his mom I am biased!

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