What It Feels Like to Be a Writing Mommy: 7 Writers Share

Aren’t moms amazing?

They can make a boo-boo disappear like magic with a simple kiss. They can make a healthy dinner, wash and fold laundry and have a little dance party at the same time (we may do this at my house). And be a loving wife and best friend to their spouse. Then add the title writer to the mix. 

Supermoms. No wonder this nickname started. 

But what about the mom? How does she really feel about being a mom who writes? What is it like for her?

For you?

I asked seven moms and enjoyed their truthful answers.

(Be sure to click their names to find out more about each mommy)

Blogging about my parenting experiences has helped build up my self-esteem because it shows me just how much I've learned. But it can also be a delicate balancing act between building up my confidence and making sure that my children get the attention from me they deserve. 

Blogging about my parenting experiences has helped build up my self-esteem. -Stacey Higdon

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It's a struggle full of guilt, but we make the best of it. My son is old enough now that we can "write together". He works on his Minecraft fan-fic and my WIP.

 I've always written. My children were born in the 1990s, but I can remember toting them along with me to my weekly writing groups. Writing while I watched them play, while they were napping, even during those rare occasions I was able to sneak a break for a bubble bath. So, for myself, writing is so ingrained into who I am, to answer the question, "What does it feel like to be a mom who writes," it feels like I'm just being little ol me! 

It feels like I'm just being little ol me! -Janie Saylor

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Kendra Moreno

I fit writing into nap times and stay up late after my son goes to sleep to write  It's tiring for sure but I've learned to carry a notebook in the diaper bag so if I have a quick moment, I can steal it to write.

It takes a special sort of will power to write even when you're tired after a day of your kid having a cold and a virus and you get puked on and climbed on and other unmentionable things.

But it's so worth it to write and know one day, I can show him mommy kept going.

 It feels overwhelming, lonely while feeling exhilarating and satisfying!

I think following your passion while raising kids is a pipe dream for many and mothers who Do write, are achieving the impossible so to speak. For at every step, you feel the guilt of putting your words ahead of your kids and often you feel like giving it all up!

BUT when you do find appreciation from someone or someone says, "We can relate," that feeling is akin to seeing your child smile!

Being a mom who writes is awesome and exciting and exhilarating.

I started writing after my kids were born--when my youngest was about two and my oldest was three and a half. Being a mom is HARD. Of course, it's rewarding and wonderful. But you give up a lot of freedom. You give up your own hobbies and interests. Your identity might go from being an independent, career-minded person with interesting things to talk about, to being "Mommy."

So, my take on being a mom who writes is that it's the best thing I've ever done. I love having something outside of my kids that's not just my job. It's completely for me, it's something I have a ridiculous amount of fun doing, and I've learned and grown so much from the experience of writing a novel. I'm a better parent because I'm happy. My novel forces me to take time out to focus on something I enjoy, and as my kids grow up it will be good for them to see their mother pursue a dream.

And then on top of all that, it's had an unexpected positive benefit on my marriage. My husband and I have something else to talk about besides work and the kids. He's been my biggest fan, and his support has been amazing. I appreciate him more, and the more he encourages me to take time to pursue writing, the more I encourage him to take time for his hobbies and other things like exercise, so he is happier and healthier too.

It feels very different depending on the day.

Some days you feel like you are conquering it all, other days you're trying to keep the house from burning down.

Some days you win, other days you simply try to keep the house from burning down -Autumn Lindsey

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And me? How do I feel?

Being a writing mom is a great and terrible beast. Someday's there is nothing better and other days you just want to fall asleep on the floor curled in a fetal position. 

You can read more about how it feels here

And at last, how do you feel, mama?

We'd love to read your words, too. 

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