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There is this new , amazing place I found where writing for large publications is possible, new writers have their work read and shared --especially great content--, and you can actually get paid. 

Its called Medium.

Join me?

Want to Go Big? First, You Need to Go Medium

It’s too much.

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. Google+. And more.

All these social platforms bloggers use can make your head spin. Sure, you need them, and they help, if you have a following.

But, maybe you are like me.

When I started blogging all I had was Facebook. Nothing else. And that Facebook account was teeny tiny, made just for family.

Not the best social media presence to say the least. But I have spent the last almost two years growing this presence, like making a Facebook group I love. But it’s not easy.

Sometimes I just wished I could republish blog posts to a new site and find more readers. Make a life a little easier.

Then I found Medium.


Writer Mom

Writer Mom (Publication)

I was honred to start a Medium Pulication with the Author Remaining Aileen Autumn Lindsey.

Writer Mom is for writers who dream of sharing their words with like minded readers. It is for the creative mom looking for a place to publish her:

  • fiction
  • poetry
  • inspiring articles about being a mom who writes.

What Does WM Want?

We would love to read stories that make us laugh, cry, stand up and cheer. Stories and articles we can’t wait to share at the holiday dinner table with our family and friends. We want your words to make us feel something.

We want to be wowed by your words because we know you have the talent.

Read more or submit here!


"It's Never too late to write your best story."

Bryan Hutchinson

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