THe Ghost House


One time a boy found a house that was breaking. He had tools. He wanted to fix the house.


Because he wanted it to be looking nice and paint it.

But he found a ghost!

It was white and looked like a blanket flying!

He screamed and he runned away from the house.

He counted 5,4,3,2,1 and he runned away so long that he slept while he was running.

The ghost was too slow. It took day and night but he got home before the ghost got him. He closed the door and the ghost got pinched but it could go through stuff!

The boy turned off the lights. Then he saw the ghost was a light. Someone was just holding a flashlight that made it look like a real ghost.

But it wasn’t real.

The boy felt great.

Thee end.

This story was written by my five-year-old son.

You can submit yours kiddo’s story here.


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