Christmas Story

  Once upon a time there was a boy. A sixteen-year-old. He gets ages every Christmas. That’s a long time.  But, it was Christmas already. But there were no presents under the tree, because he still didn’t go to bed. It’s still not nighttime. The sky is blue, but it’s white because of the snow clouds.  The sky was black. The stars were out. It’s evening Christmas. Then he goed to bed.  Santa comed. Then the presents were under the[Read more]

Ant’s Birthday

  Once upon a time there was an ant. A black ant. Tarantula, his friend, came. And then ant was gonna have a birthday! And then he had cake, birthday hats, friends juice, and presents. They ate cake and opened presents. Ant got games, Lego’s, a Lego table, and that’s all it. They played all the games, and Lego’s on the Lego table. Everybody won! It was the best birthday day ever. The end. This is last story from my[Read more]

The Alive Coffee Cup

  Once upon a time there was a coffee cup and he was alive. Some days he makes coffee and it comes out of himself. When he pours out the sugar you have to wait, then it turns into coffee! Then he got smashed by the pouring tea cup! He was broken and then he got fixed. Then a kid wanted to drink out of him –water. And then he drank out of him. The water tasted good. Thee end.[Read more]

Table Story

  Once upon a time there was a human, and then the human saw a moving table. Then all of the stuff moved! And then he ran away because he was scared. Just like a scaredy-cat. But then he came back and everything was gone. Even his house because it was in a turning storm. He cried. But then everything flied back to him. He was very happy to see the table. Thee end.

Stories By Kids: The Sun

Once upon a time a kid wanted to go to the sun. Then he builded a rocket ship. Then his mama and daddy and baby and dog went in the rocket ship. Then they goed to the sun! Then the rocket ship shrinked the sun and took it. The rocket ship gave the sun to the kid. It was burning in his arm! And a letter comet just squished the rocket and everyone. Then the rocket and family went back[Read more]