How to use Your 10 Minute Shower Oasis to Write Better

Photo by Noah Buscher on UnsplashIs this you?The heat turns your skin red as you wash away something sticky from your hair. Snot? Honey?Sure, we’ll go with honey.The water streams down caressing your body, massaging the knotted muscles in your shoulders and neck.You groan.After only ten minutes you turn off your spa and step out. The hum of the water no longer drowns out the sound of your kids playing/screaming. Time to relieve husband of baby-duty and set him off[Read more]


Photo by Kristina Gray The faucet turns on with a creak. Water rushes out like a mini foam waterfall into the cheap cream bathtub. Her spa awaits. She lifts the shower nozzle and dashes back from the streams of cold water that come before the heat. Gingerly, she places five toes in the streams. Hot, but not hot enough. She turns the knob toward the little red H. Better. The searing water scorches the mental ice off her pale skin.[Read more]