Time For Play

  My husband sits on the floor playing the stupid game I bought for his 30th birthday. I smack him over the head. He doesn’t move. I’m leaving,” I say. “Yeah.” “How do I look?” I bite my lip. My hair is curled and the bags under my eyes concealed. For once I feel sexy. “Good.” His eyes stay focused on the screen. Of course. I don’t have time for this. “Dinner’s in the oven. Leave the Xbox alone and[Read more]

A Different Point of View

  Long fingers reach around my body. Clear water and green liquid soap sink into my pores and through my mushy belly, making me all bubbly inside. I can’t contain it. With a squeeze the suds are set free. I begin my work. Tonight’s labor is intense. My boss, the lady with the wrinkles around her blue eyes, decided to experiment. Lasagna. Now I am being shoved and abused as she squishes my coarse back against the crusted cheese and[Read more]

The Wind’s Interpreter

Photo By Kristina Gray My life is an infinite cycle, but this is my favorite part. My newly reborn brothers and sisters surround me, though I believe I will be first to fall. My liquid body has grown large and heavy. Gravity pulls at me until at last, I make my way out of the immense storm cloud. A breath of wind greets me as I begin my descent. My centuries old consort. The gentle way she guides me is[Read more]

God’s Imagination

The last word of the from our daily bible chapter is read. I sigh from exhaustion and relief. The sandman has been working his magic on me all evening but has yet to find his way to my sweet four year old boy. “Song, Mommy!” He says smacking his hands on either side of my face making me feel like a fish. I raise my eyebrows in an effort to keep my eyes open. “Ok,” I say wrapping my arms[Read more]