Writing After Baby: 5 Ways It’s Possible

Since you probably have a little one sleeping on your chest or a load of laundry to fold, I’ll get right to the point: it’s tough to find creative time after having a baby.

Aside from the tireless tasks of feeding changing, and sleeping, there’s you. And your sidelined writing practice. Once newborn intensity subsides, small slices of time begin to appear. And by small, I mean minutes.

But, that’s all you need to pick up your previous creative process.

How to Stop Trying to Please Everyone and Just Write

Do you want to please everyone with your writing? Do you feel pressure from expectations other people put on you? If you’ve had enough, and you’re ready to just chuck it all out and write for the sheer love of it, this one’s for you.I remember it like it was yesterday.I told my dad about the writing I was doing. I was writing articles, turning them into books, and actually getting paid to write. How cool is that?“That’s good, son. It’s[Read more]

Teasing or Lying?

Should I Scold Her For Lying, Or Applaud Her Imagination? My 3-year-old likes to make things up. “My old, old Grandma, in my old, old day, took me to the beach and we went surfing.” “Are you talking about Nana?” “No.” “Grandma Verla?” “No! My old, old Grandma!” We think we figured out that she is talking about her Great Grandmother, whom she has only met two or three times. She is 94 years old. I don’t think she’s been[Read more]