6 Things Every Mom Should Know About Turning Thirty

It’s supposed to be scary, right? The end of the ‘fun’ decade. The true end of childhood. The start of fine lines and grey hairs. The big three zero. But before you start stressing over this new age, Mama, there some things you should know. 1. You’re Not a Kid I have two kids, a husband and old am enough to have an grown-up drink with dinner. Yet I didn’t feel real an adult. Until now. People in their twenties are the[Read more]

Ant’s Birthday

  Once upon a time there was an ant. A black ant. Tarantula, his friend, came. And then ant was gonna have a birthday! And then he had cake, birthday hats, friends juice, and presents. They ate cake and opened presents. Ant got games, Lego’s, a Lego table, and that’s all it. They played all the games, and Lego’s on the Lego table. Everybody won! It was the best birthday day ever. The end. This is last story from my[Read more]

Baby’s First Year: 5 Things I Won’t and Will Miss

  Kristina Gray Photography My daughter turned one on Friday. No, I cannot believe it. It was precious. She smiled, clapped and giggled. The special day had me reminiscing about her, and her brothers, first year. It wasn’t always glitter and joy. Here are five things I will not miss from a baby’s first year. 1. Waking Up at Night Let’s be totally honest. Waking up at night is not something babies do only in their first year, but they[Read more]

Birthday All Day

Once upon a time there baby called Ann. And then she had a birthday today. Tada! And then she wanted to do it all day. And then she did her birthday all day. She opened presents first. Opened with her brother! And then she runned really fast in the whole house! And then she drives on a road by herself with a car. Brothers toy car. And then she at cake! The cake was good. Thee end! Written and illustrated[Read more]