7 Morning Rituals for Busy Moms

​Do you ever feel like your day grabs you by the hair and just pulls you through it?  I used to feel like that almost every day. It was as though I had no control, I simply responded to one deadline after another. And at the end of the day, what had I accomplished? I had kept my head barely above water at work, made sure that my kids were clean and fed, and then fallen into bed to rest up[Read more]

Real Writer’s Proven Remedies for Writer’s Block

Have you ever written a sentence only to keep deleting it? I have. I was in a rut a couple weeks ago so to help myself and you, I went to other writers to see how they push past the block.   Be sure to click a name to check out their sites for more! Jen Roberts When I get writers block, I put everything away and go do something fun with my family. Or, I go out for a[Read more]