It’s a Sticky Life


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Imagine a situation that’s very sticky and write about it.

My head pounds to the beat of my three-year-old girl’s tapping foot on the kitchen linoleum. I rub my hand down my makeup free face.

Coffee and a shower. That’s all I need to make it through this day.

“Cheerios and milk,” Lizzy says in a voice that makes want to call her captain.

“It’s coming, Miss,” I say. I remind myself to breathe in and out while switching my well-fed baby to my other hip.

The smell of crushed coffee beans mixing with hot water hits my senses. The drip is too slow.

“Do you want honey today?” I ask my child boss. She nods up and down as far as her neck allows, her blond curls falling in and out of her face.

The plastic honey bear looks at me with his beady black eyes and golden, half-empty body. The sweet liquid drizzles onto the his cheerios with perfection that should only be seen in commercials.

“Yum!” Lizzy says. Baby Brennen claps his hands and grins showing off one sharp tooth.

“Want to lick the top?”

“Yes!” She jumps, curls bouncing and grabs the honey bear. Golden drops drip onto the floor.

My heart explodes. I am Mama Hulk. I wheeze in and out like an angry predator.

A kiss smacks me on the lips and little arms wrap around my waist.

“It’s ok, Mommy.” A tear falls down my cheek taking my rage with it.

“You know just how to make me feel better” I kiss her nose. She sits down and starts munching on her tiny O’s, the milk slopping on the table.

I sigh, kiss Brennen and grab my vanilla cream.

Coffee. My brain rejoices.

A warm splash spurts onto my shoulder. It smells like old Greek yogurt. Baby Brennen hiccups, shirt covered in cottage cheese like remains. My opened bottle of flavored cream slips from my fingers and falls to the floor. The plastic smacking the floor sounds like a wooden bat hitting a baseball. My black fridge is a crime scene with white splatters covering its dark surface.

My breath wheezes again; this time I howl.Brennen pulls his dark brows together and sticks his lip out. His cute face calms me; another child to the rescue.

I feel very much like Cinderella as I scrub the floor, but without the sweet song.

The floor is clean. Lizzy chews her cereal. Brennen bites a rubbery toy and bounces in his highchair.

I finally sip my vanilla flavored coffee as the shower water turns hot.

I sigh and smile.


How do you get past your ‘sticky’ days? What calms you down when life becomes overwhelming?

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