Review: Teething Lovie

Does your toddler get bored easily with their toys?

My daughter definitely does. She will play with something for a few minutes before moving on to the next.

So I was excited to review the Teething Lovie. Maybe she would finally play long enough for me to chop an onion or drink some coffee. I didn’t really know much about the product I was about to review, except that it was for teething babies. I was simply honored to be asked.

My toddler bounced in her pink Bumbo, watching me tear the plastic. I was surprised by what I found.


The Teething Lovie

Surprise is a good thing. The teething Lovie is a miniature blanket full of soft fuzz on one side, and smooth wool like material on the other. It has a rubber corner sewn on for the baby to chew on. I fell in love with the colors. Ours is light gray and black hearts. The rubber triangle is hot pink. It is girly and cute without being overdone.

Teething LovieTeething Lovie

My first concerns as a mother were: is it safe and is it clean?


I was worried the fuzz could come off and in her mouth or nose. But I tugged and pulled on the gray and it stayed firmly put. There were some strings where the rubber was attached to the blanket that looked like they could be loose, but were also well-put.

I was pleased with the Teething Lovie’s safety.


I carry around pacifier wipes to keep everything sanitary for my little girl. I was not this way before becoming a mother, but motherhood changes you. There were pieces of fuzz on the patterned side but it seemed very clean. But, being paranoid as I am, I decided to wash it. My bouncing baby had to wait for laundry.

It handled the washing machine very well.

Did she like it?

My daughter slept and woke to a new toy.
She bounced in her chair once more as I showed her the colorful blanket. Please like it I chanted in my head.

Her eyes widened and dimpled fingers reached for the Teething Lovie. She cuddled it like a teddy bear. After a moment of love, she picked at the fuzz then started biting on the pink rubber.

Teething Lovie

It was amazing. My picky baby was enjoying it. This was already a success, but I know my daughter. I knew what she would do.
After a couple minutes of play, she dropped the blanket to the floor.

But I had another idea. I put the Teething Lovie in the car where she has found a love for the soft blanket on long trips. I laughed so hard the first time she put it on top of her head and made ‘pretty girl’ faces.

The Teething Lovie is a hit in the car.

Multiple Uses

One of the things that impressed me most about the Teething Lovie is how it is multi-purpose. It has three different textures to discover. Though it is quite small I use the Teething Lovie to cover my daughter’s legs on short car trips. It’s the perfect size for her little legs. Plus, she bites it for her sore gums. Though it’s for babies, I can imagine her walking around with the sweet blanket, or even sleeping with it as she grows older.

Recommend or Not?

I would recommend this product. The Teething Lovie is a multi-use teething product that has the added bonus of being cuddly and colorful. You can tell the Teething Lovie was made with love. It is a must buy for a teething baby who appreciates fuzzy blankets.

You can buy the Teething Lovie here.

Thank you for letting me review your product, Kaitlyn!

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