Product Review: Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit

The crimson dot sprouted from his miniature pointer finger. Tears, thick and heavy poured from his large brown eyes.

My heart burst.

I had to help him. I became a mama bear.

Has that ever happened to you?

Are you prepared at home, or elsewhere, to handle your child’s minor injuries yourself?

Is a First Aid Kit Really Necessary?

I can’t stand to think about my children getting hurt; even such a tiny cut like the one my kid got from the can opener makes me cringe. Because of this I tend to avoid anything having to with those thoughts.

But is that really the best idea?

Isn’t it better to be prepared?

Terrible things do happen whether we let them enter our minds or not.

A child may think it’s fun to cook and end up getting 3rd degree burns on her palm when she touches a pot.

A tiny splinter, otherwise known as an evil foreign body, may creep its way under your son’s soft skin.

An insect my think your sweet girl is a tasty treat and take a bite.

And when these tragic situations happen, it is handy to have a first aid kit at home or on the go, instead of just a box of Band-Aids.

Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit

I was given the chance to review a First Aid Kit from KidzStuff. I’ve never tried any product from KidzStuff.

I was impressed.

Everything was very professional from the boxing, wrapping to the kit itself -much like their beautiful website. The packaging looked like I had just brought it home from the mall. It was shiny and new. I LOVED how clean it was. The marketing and logo made me feel like I could trust the brand.

As a mom trying to take care of children’s well-being, trust is a must.

The kit isn’t too large. The size is great for stowing away in a cupboard or packing it away for a trip to grandma’s house (Don’t kids always get sick there?)

The Kids-Safe First Aid kit is small and compact yet holds 94 pieces, such as:

  • Comprehensive first aid kit guide book
  • CPR Mask
  • Instant Cold Pack
  • Splint Roll
  • Gauze
  • Burn Cream
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Plus more

My son, who had been watching the opening and picture process, couldn’t contain his excitement any longer.

“Can we open it now, Mom?” He asked, jumping up and down.

I paused for dramatic effect.

“Yes we can.” I said, feeling mom-powerful.


We unzipped the nylon bag to find three well-organized compartments: two plastic pockets with zippers and one open mesh side.

My kiddo attacked the kit. Because of that, I may not remember what item went in each pocket, but it was easy enough for me to repack everything away.

What I Liked

I thought it was smart how there was a CPR mask, and hand sanitizer for when you have no way to disinfect, lots of gauze and bandages, a cooling pack and even a tweezers. It was adorable how some things were kid sized, making it look like medical supplies for dolls.

My kiddo liked it all.

One of my favorite parts was simple.

How many times have you pulled out your phone and gone straight to google to research what to do next when your kid or baby has a fever or other ailment?

With the Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit you get a comprehensive booklet. It’s a guide so it’s not extensive. You won’t get the full medical details on each category. However, it covers the basic for bites, burns, ingestion, diarrhea, splinters, cuts, sprains and even tooth loss.

Plus, it also has Spanish.

The only thing I didn’t like is how there are no pain medications or fever reducers included. Though, you may be able to fit your favorite pain reliever in the handy package.

Is it Overpriced?

I should never be on The Price is Right. I know this. I review products first, and then read the information after. I start with an open mind; I had no idea what it cost.

Because of the quality, I thought it might get a little pricey.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by the price of the Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit. I think $20 is a reasonable and affordable price.

Recommend or Not?

If you are looking for a well-made First Aid Kit that is ready for travel, then the Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit is a good fit for you. I would definitely recommend this product.

The next time I turn into a protective mama bear on a mission to save my kid from his ‘tragic’ boo-boo, I can easily transform into a knowledgeable Dr. Mama because of this well-thought out kit.

Though, I pray I won’t have to use it for a long, long time.

You can find the Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit and more  here

You also get a 20% off coupon code valid for the purchase of a first aid kit. Offer expires on March 31, 2017.

Simply add in the code blogjg


Thank you KidzStuff for letting me review your product!

What’s your favorite first aid kit?

Or make at story out of it. When was a time you had to use a first aid kit or wished you had one?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Hey, I’m not a doctor. This review is my personal opinion only, but thanks for reading.






13 thoughts on “Product Review: Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit

  1. $20 seems like a great price for so many pieces. Having it all in one spot is a terrific idea too. I’m more prone to be furiously searching through multiple medicine cabinets or old purses. Great review!

  2. I am a new mum to a 6 month old and he has now started touching everything! only a matter of time before I am going to need one of these bad boys. Great post

    B x

  3. 94 pieces in a compact case? That sounds fabulous! I have a tiny first aid kit that I travel with and a larger one for home, but neither have a CPR mask! That is incredible! I must check this out.

  4. This kit has an impressive number of supplies in it – far more than I’ve seen in others. It sounds wonderful to have on hand for the whole family. I’ll be looking this up!

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