Real Writer’s Proven Remedies for Writer’s Block

Have you ever written a sentence only to keep deleting it?

I have.

I was in a rut a couple weeks ago so to help myself and you, I went to other writers to see how they push past the block.


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writers block

Jen Roberts
When I get writers block, I put everything away and go do something fun with my family. Or, I go out for a few hours doing things for myself, like shopping or something. Usually I always come home with a list of ideas that I think about while I’m out. Especially while riding around in the car with no music on just listening to my thoughts!

Belinda from Bizzy Bee
When I have writer’s block, I go old school with a pen and paper. Because I have a bit of a “thing” for nice pens, I tend to use a nice coloured pen, I set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and I free-write as fast as I can (no stopping) for that period of time. I write whatever comes into my head. Totally gets rid of the cobwebs.

Hannah Wingert
I keep a small notebook in my purse to write down ideas when they hit. That way, when I get writer’s block, I just look at my notebook and I’m good to go!

Kaylee Garling
Push through it. Just keep writing. Eventually you’ll get a break through. I remember Debbie Macomber speaking at a conference. She said write five pages a day, no matter what. Even when there’s no inspiration. Just to push through the dry spells.

Aditi Wardhan Singh
When you feel like nothing comes to mind, then take a break for a set amount of time say 15-30 mins. Read/go for a walk to get some ideas. Clear your head and then sit back down and start writing. Let the words flow through your fingers. It’s not perfection that’s important, but the fact that you begin and don’t stop!

Tyane Milem
It can be a challenge to write with young kids at home. Change it up and take them to the park. Let them run and play, and you can write, brain dump, or you all can take a walk to clear your head. It’s a win-win!

Rachel Peachey
Feeling blocked? Go live life! Read, walk, cook, play…you’ll come back with fresh perspective. If that fails, ask your kids, they have surprising ideas!

Sybil Jones
Keep a journal with you. I find interesting things to write about as I sit at one of the kids’ practices and while chatting with other parents.

Lisa E. Lewis
Make a schedule, sit down and write. Don’t worry about getting your writing perfect the first time, just get your words out. Even if your writing is haphazard, you can edit later. Get your phone out of sight!

Maribel Hughley
I step away for a couple days and keep my thoughts on everything, but blogging. Then I come back and feel refreshed and ready to write.

Julie Black
I’m reading a great book that has inspired me quite a bit. It’s called ‘everybody writes’ by Ann Handley. I find that location really helps as well. I’ll take my laptop and sit outside or in a nice coffee house.

Jen Traynor
First, I walk away from what I’m writing. I think taking a break allows me the chance to clear my mind and come back to my work with a fresh perspective and hopefully some new ideas! Another thing I do is just write out everything and anything that’s coming to my mind, whether it’s just key words or full sentences. Sometimes things just come together after doing that, like fitting pieces of a puzzle.

Ashley LaMar 
Don’t try to speak to everyone, just speak to your people. It’s easier to write when you narrow down your audience and don’t feel like you have to write to the whole world. / Ashley LaMar, Copywriter from

Miriam Rosario
Just let the words flow and before you realize it, you have an awesome post!

Jordan Zeitler
I free write. If I can’t seem to focus on any certain topic, I just start typing, without really thinking about it. Usually by the time I’m done, I have the start of an article that takes off. Some of my best pieces have come from this method.

Lori Smith
Meditation is the key to unblocking your mind by releasing the fear that is holding it hostage

Lindsey Rainwater
Tap into your Higher Self and ask Her to guide you to your next idea. The best version of yourself will always show you to what is going to break your blocks and free your creativity.

Karla Pitzen
When I am stuck for an idea, my #1 go to is to look in my planner for notes I’ve jotted down when I was doing things other than blogging. What’s that saying? Life is what happens when you’re making other plans. I kind of look at blogging the same way.

In both cases, I force myself to write. If I have even an inkling of an idea, I just get started and it usually comes in the writing.

However, the times I have started something and then been stuck on how to continue or how to end it, I again force myself to push forward… I figure, even if it stinks, having something to come back and edit is better than a blank screen.

Gina Brogan
The world needs your voice, your message and your wisdom.


So, what do I do?

Sometimes I just don’t write. I take a step back, breath some fresh air, and get my head out of the world I’m writing in. I also find encouraging comments or feedback people have given me or read inspirational quotes and ideas. Kind of like this post.

Good luck getting unstuck!

How do you get rid of writers block?

18 thoughts on “Real Writer’s Proven Remedies for Writer’s Block

  1. I have recently been suffering from writers block and will definatly be trying out some of these tips. I normaly just try to keep my phone and note book on me at all times incase an idea pops into my head. #GlobalBlogging

  2. Visiting from #Globalblogging. These are all excellent ideas and solutions. I have to write research articles for my day job. It’s amazing how if I have too much time, I try and try to make it perfect. I prefer when I’m busier and can just spit it out and tweak as needed in little bits of time I get later.

  3. Such great tips! I love the idea of a note book in your handbag, why on earth hasn’t that registered with me yet 🙂 I have SO many idea when i’m out and about living life. I sometimes picture myself with a taping device and speaking into it, voice acting and all… haha! What we do as writers! Thank you so much for linking up. Hope to see you next week! xx #GlobalBlogging

  4. “Have you ever written a sentence only to keep deleting it?” Girl, yuuup! I tend to overthink it. Without fail, every time after deleting it for the 27th time I take a deep breath & say “be yourself Erin” Then it flows.

  5. These are some great ideas – most of which have worked really well for me. I think of a writer’s block as a reminder to unplug and draw inspiration from my surroundings. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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