A Different Point of View


Long fingers reach around my body. Clear water and green liquid soap sink into my pores and through my mushy belly, making me all bubbly inside. I can’t contain it. With a squeeze the suds are set free.

I begin my work.

Tonight’s labor is intense. My boss, the lady with the wrinkles around her blue eyes, decided to experiment. Lasagna. Now I am being shoved and abused as she squishes my coarse back against the crusted cheese and burnt marinara. The pan is clean, but ground beef crumbs have taken up residence within me.

Water rushes through me. Fingers choke my purple frame as the boss attempts to evict my beef invaders. With one last scrunch, she lifts me out of the water, body dripping. Her large nose nearly touches my rubbery skin. She sniffs and winces.

The world shifts and goes dark. A door closes with a bang.

Fear grips me.

Have I been thrown out already? I knew from the moment she opened my clear plastic wrap that one day she would replace me with a younger, better version of myself.

A water droplet drips out of an open orifice.

A loud noise rumbles in the dark. Steaming water sprays down and makes light, high pitched drumming music on the pots and pans around me.

Relief washes through me. The boss decided to have have a lazy night.

I relax and let the dishwasher become my spa.

Prompt: Look around you and choose an object in the room. Now write something from the point of view of that object.

Take a few minutes to write then leave your prompt in the comment section below. Have fun reading and writing together!

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