Off to Grandma’s House

Cornelius wanted to come to work me. I said no and he cried. GMA

Traveling with kids is never easy. The packing alone takes time. Two nights and three days worth of clothes and other necessities for myself, my four-year-old and baby, were neatly folded and shoved into one carry on sized bag. A bit of pride rose in me as I watch my helpful husband load the well-packed blue bag into the car but, we still had to get the kids out the door. This meant a lot of loudly repeated phrases like, “We are leaving. Come now!” And the ever-wonderful countdown to an unknown punishment.

Once the car seat straps were untwisted and buckled we were off to grandma’s house. A pleasant two hour drive of trying to please a teething baby and sleepy boy. It was a few hours before bedtime which caused a parenting dilemma, to let the child sleep or not. If he napped he would be up late, but if he didn’t he would be cranky. But I figured grandma has seen her share of crabby children before; she can handle it. We gave our son, who almost never touches a tablet or phone, a rare chance to play games on my iPad. His sleepy brown eyes turned bright.

My husband and I crossed our fingers.

I was thrilled when he handed back the tablet like a little angel, but not so tickled pink when he ran away screaming when it came time for pajamas. Grandma didn’t mind. She was sweet like snickers, and full of smiles and kisses. She managed to turn scrabble and Yahtzee into preschool games while I laid the baby girl down in my old bedroom. With the kids tucked away, Mom and I enjoyed my homemade blueberry-banana muffins. Yes, the ones from yesterday. Yes, they were good.

Yet, my favorite part was waking up -after a night of waking up- to find a treasure hunt of little white notes for us. The best one was next to my son’s T-Rex, Cornelius. It made my kid smile.

There is nothing better than his grin.

Thanks, Grandma.








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