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Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a bestselling author?

I was given the honor of interviewing Parul Agrawal, author of the bestselling book on Amazon Juicing for Healthier Families.

Parul is a kind, encouraging and generous woman, and I am excited for you learn from her experiences!

1. Please tell us about your family.

I am originally from India and grew up in a joint family with grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins all living under the same roof. After high school I moved out of the house to pursue my graduate degree in Engineering. After finishing my studies and working for few years I got married in the traditional Indian way, aka arranged marriage, and moved to Phoenix, AZ to start my own family. I have a son who will be turning six in February, 2017


2. What inspired you to write your Amazon Best Seller Juicing for Healthier Families?

By education I am an Engineer, but my passion was always in the field of Nutrition. So when my son was born I took it as an opportunity to stay home to be with him and pursue my dream of becoming a Holistic Nutritionist. What started as a personal journey to get into shape became my passion. In one class I learned about green juice detox and decided to go on a juice detox to shed my baby weight. Since I was also nursing, I realized juice detox would be the safest, easiest way to provide the nourishment to my and my baby’s body while getting back in shape at the same time.

I started blogging about my detox every day. The blog received good reviews from many people and eventually I started getting calls from different recreation centers in the Phoenix metropolitan area asking me to offer Green Juicing & Smoothie workshops. The workshops that range from one and a half to two hours were not enough to convey all the information so I decided to write a small handbook to give to the patrons of my workshop. Once I started writing I got so involved in the process that it turned out to be a book Juicing For Healthier Families.

After I was done with writing my manuscript, reality struck and I realized that writing a book is one thing and getting it out to the World is entirely a different ballgame. So I decided to learn everything about the world of book publishing and marketing. In between I was tempted to spend thousands of dollars on book marketing coaches. But instead of spending all my family’s fortune I decided to take things in my own hands. I took lots of small courses and spent hours researching on the internet and learned the secret to Amazon Bestseller Publishing. My hard work paid off and the book became #1 in multiple categories on Amazon in US, India and Germany.


3. How do you find time to prioritize writing with being a mother?

I normally write when my son is at school or sleeping. While I was writing my book my son used to go to school only twice a week for couple of hours. Those couple of hours were spent in researching and then I would start writing from 10PM until 4 or 5am. I wanted to be present 100% for my son while he was home so I figured writing at night when it’s quite in the outside World would be best for my creative inside zone.

I remember, once I sat down to write one evening on a Friday night and didn’t get up from my desk till I was done on Sunday evening. I got very little sleep during the time but for some reason I was never very sleepy. I am a person who needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep to function properly, but while working on my book only couple of hours would do the trick. I realized that if you are passionate about something, sleep disappears. My husband, who has been my biggest supporter, has a major role to play in this. He would not only take care of our son but also make sure that all my needs (foods, drink, smoothies and proper working conditions) were met. I wouldn’t be able to do anything without his support.


4. What project are you currently working on?

The biggest project I am working on right now is the 100 Moms book. More than 100 Moms from different parts of the World are coming together to share a story about their triumphs and challenges as they raise kids in today’s uncertain times. The book titled 100 Moms, One Journey is scheduled for launch in April, and will be a great mother’s day gift for all Moms.


5. What has been your favorite motherhood experience so far?

I nursed my son for almost four years. Yes, it was tough and yes, I did receive lot of negative vibes sometimes from the medical community and sometimes from well-meaning friends and family. I still kept going as I knew I was doing the right thing. This whole experience has brought me and my son really close to each other. I realized how strong I was as a woman and my son realizes the importance of good nutrition. He is a very aware eater and tries his best to make wise food choices even without my nagging thanks to the nourishment and knowledge he got during his early years through breast milk.


6. What is your current passion?

My passion is to help moms and solopreneurs fulfill their dreams of becoming an Author and rank their book as #1 on Amazon. While I was writing my book I was pretty lost due to lack of guidance. I wanted someone who could hold my hand and walk the walk with me. I see every new Author as an extension of me and believe nothing should come in between their dreams of getting their book out in the World. I want to share whatever I have learnt so far about publishing with others through my venture It is my vision to help 100 Authors becomes Bestselling Authors by the end of the year.


7. What advice can you give to mothers who aspire to be writers?

Being a mother and a writer is good for both the mom and the child. Moms get to pen down their thoughts if they are feeling lonely, sad, depressed or tired. Writing is healing and eventually can be another source of income for moms. Children become better story writers if they see their moms writing. My son knows everything about Amazon and keeps asking me to publish his one page book. Writer moms can raise writer kids and our future generation, whose life will probably revolve around technology, will need good writers and good stories to come back to reality.

The biggest challenge for moms who write is finding the time to write. They have hundreds of chores on their to-do list already. I schedule a time in my diary even if it’s 15 to 20 minutes every day to either write or research on topics related to writing. That time is my time! If I need to ask for help from my partner, neighbor or even use Television as a babysitter, I am not guilty. These 20 minutes I take out for myself will keep me happy and help me be a better Mom for the rest 23 hours and 40 minutes of my day.

Writing everyday, even if it’s one paragraph or a sentence, is progress. Moms should commend themselves for taking this action to reach one step closer to their dreams of becoming a writer.


You can find Parul here

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Her Book


Thank you again for agreeing to be interviewed Parual. It was a pleasure!

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