Moms Who Write: Ebony Olson


This week’s interview is from another inspiring author, Ebony Olson.

She writes paranormal /fantasy /romance. She is sarcastic, morbid and has a wicked sense of humor.

I loved interviewing her and can’t wait to put her advice to use.

I hope you will, too.


  1. Please tell us a little about your family.

Weird, geeky, and loving. I live with my husband, daughter and six cats. There is never a dull moment in our family. If there is, I use it to get some sleep.


2. What do you enjoy most about writing?

It’s my escapism. I have very vivid dreams and live in pain. Writing became my outlet, my way to escape my own reality for a little time. It started as a hobby and turned into a passion.


3. What is the hardest and most rewarding part about being a mom who writes?

Finding the time to write amongst cooking, cleaning, playing taxi, and work. The most rewarding part is that my daughter has developed the same love for books that I have. She is an avid reader and at seven is reading with a ten-year-old’s ability. Just recently she has turned her hand to writing fan fiction for the books she likes to read.


4. What is it like to be a mother with Aspergers, of a daughter with Aspergers?

Everyone has this assumption that because I am on the spectrum, and my daughter is on the spectrum, I must understand her better, or we are so similar we would just gel. The truth is, I am on the antisocial side of Aspergers, while my daughter perfectly fits the social butterfly version. My daughter loves cuddles and being in your personal space, I hate being touched and I don’t like people standing so close. She likes to talk, constantly. I like to sit quietly. She likes to go out and visit people, I like to stay home and read a book.

Can you see where there might be some issues?

One of the hardest adjustments I’ve had to make as a mother, was getting used to my daughter just walking up and touching me for her comfort. I have never denied her, because I know it’s what she needs, but it has taken years of gritting my teeth and cringing through it, till my daughter was old enough to learn to ask first. I find I can handle it better if she gives me a moment to prepare, and that when she does, I can actually quite enjoy the hug myself.

On the other side, there are many times when I understand my daughter’s moods before she does. I can see triggers happening and I make time and space for her to react to them now. I understand when she needs a day off school in the first few weeks of a new year, because change needs to be adjusted to. I understand why team sports are frustrating, why you can’t just be told to try something new, that it takes time to sit and watch how everyone else is doing it, for us to try it. I understand these things, and I can make her life easier by explaining to her teachers and coaches that this is how she will process change, or new information. That understanding has made life better for both of us.


5. What advice can you give to our readers who aspire to write?

Don’t aspire to it. Do it. Writing enables your creativity to flow. Open the flood gate, let it out.

[bctt tweet=”Don’t aspire to it. Do it. Writing enables your creativity to flow. Open the flood gate, let it out.” username=”WriteAwayMommy”]

You don’t have to be perfect, that’s what editing is for. I started writing seven years ago. Just over twelve months ago, I joined Wattpad. At first I was very skeptical putting my writing out there for free, but it was the best thing I did as a writer. My readers give me constant feedback, good and bad. My skill as a writer has improved tenfold as a result of that feedback.

The only way to improve as a writer, is to open yourself to criticism and learn from it.


Be sure to check out her writing Her books!


Thank you, Ebony. It was a pleasure.

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