Moms Who Write -Deanne Welsh

You know that writing is a difficult job, especially as a mom.

But in this interview writing coach, mother and amazing writer Deanne Welsh is here to share how you can be an unstoppable writer.


1. Tell us about your family.

My husband Jonathan and I met on eHarmony, and although we have mutual friends, it may have been years if we had waited to meet through them.  Jon says he knew he wanted to marry me on our first date, while I was focused on deciding whether he was creepy or not. By our third day I knew I liked him when arrived with a big umbrella to take a walk in the rain and gave me a rose with a note, “To the woman from the sea with the big brown eyes.”

I was not sure I could have children and was overjoyed when we became pregnant with Eli. He is three and has developed the same goofy humor that Jon and I share. We all look forward to the weekends and our family outings and movie nights.

2. What inspired you to write Living with Dragons: How to Protect Your Inner World?

Growing up on missionary ships sailing around the world, I became deeply introspective. Lies weaved their way into my identity and it took years of processing and two wonderful counselors to unravel their destructive power.

The book began as a series of blog posts that resonated with my audience and I decided to elaborate and turn them into an eBook. Every single person struggles with feeling inadequate and with lies that would sabotage and destroy us. This book provides a story to understand the lies (dragons) and how they take control along with practical strategies to keeping them quiet. Unfortunately, they do not die, but we can learn to identify and quiet them.

Everyone struggles with feeling inadequate and with lies that would sabotage us. -Deanne Welsh

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3. You've been writing since the young age of seven. How has becoming a mother changed the way you write?

Writing as a mother is tough, mostly because of the time constraints and all the demands on our minds, energy and time.

What keeps me going are tiny goals and embracing a mindset that I am all about movement and not perfection. Tiny goals are setting goals that are easy to reach. For example, I will write for 5 minutes a day. Because if I can sit down for 5 minutes, I will most likely write for 15, but on the days where I am spent, I can do 5 minutes.  Versus if I set a goal of 30 minutes a day, I am much more likely to skip.

I aim to be kind to myself and remind myself often that my mothering is the most sacred and important thing I do. I also remind myself that this season will not last forever. One day I will have mountains of time to write and I will miss my little snuggly Eli. Children grow so fast.

4. What does being an unstoppable writer mean to you?

Being unstoppable is about who you are. It is never about the challenges faced or the length and winding way of the path. We get to decide if we are going to be unstoppable. It means never giving up but finding a way forward with the help of friends. This is why Facebook groups and close writer friends are so important: they understand you and can cheer you on.

Hello there, Lovely.
Can I send you something?

Download the Busy Mom's Checklist to help you find time to write today.

5. What is the most rewarding part of being a writing coach? 

Seeing the transformation in my clients. A client who had journals of words hidden away to launching her blog, writing consistently and launching her paid speaking career. Clients who are overwhelmed, stuck, desiring to create an income and seeing them achieve their goals.

6. Who has inspired you?

The list of mentors and people who inspire me is too long to recount. There was a red headed professor in college who told me that I should think about switching to English as a major and the professor who said I needed to speak up in class because people needed to hear what I had to say.

7. What's your favorite part of the writing process?

The power of words to paint pictures in our minds and hearts and to completely transform the life and trajectory of a reader. Although writing is my primary medium, I enjoy speaking and reading aloud. I spent too long living under the bondage of silence (due to my dragons) and now that I am free (that’s another story), I am passionate about helping other people set their voices, stories and ideas free.

I am passionate about helping others set their voices, stories and ideas free. -Deanne Welsh

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Deanne Welsh

is a writing & business coach who helps stuck writers become unstoppable and get paid. She blogs at and hosts live trainings in her private Facebook Group, Unstoppable Writers ( She is the girl from the sea and enjoys coffee, salsa dancing, deep conversations and laughing with her husband and friends.

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