Moms Who Write: Aditi Wardhan Singh

I had the joy of interviewing Aditi Wardhan Singh this week for Moms Who Write.

We met while working on the book 100 Moms, One Journey. She offered feedback to any mom who wanted it. 100 moms!  You can see her love for people in the way she lends her time and expertise, and feel her passion for writing in every word she writes.

She is a contributor for the Huffington Post, and has been featured on sites like Happiest Mama and Richmond Moms.

And she does all this while taking care of her own family.



  1. What’s your family like?

I have a very multi-cultural family, in the sense that they all come from different parts of India and have made a life in different cities around the world. I am blessed to have a very forward thinking family to help support us from afar. Being Indian and having been brought up in Kuwait, I think I have a different understanding of the world.

I have two kids ages six and almost three. My husband is a software engineer who loves exploring new hobbies and creating as much as I do.


  1. How have your different cultural backgrounds affected your writing?

My understanding of the human mind has been honed over the years thanks to the many different types of people I met during school, college, at work, and after I moved to the United States. It is a struggle for a person who is from different background to be brought up in a culture different from theirs. It is essential to have strong core values to view objectively all that you see.

On the technical side of writing I feel that though, I was brought up in Kuwait, English is my first language. My love for writing, encouraged by my parents and friends, only increased as I went through different phases of life. And my engineering background helps as I host my own website.


  1. What was your favorite kid’s book growing up?

Just like we can not pick a favorite child, I can not possibly pick a favorite book. When I was very young I loved Amar Chitra Katha (an Indian comic strip about mythological stories) and of course Famous Five, Nancy Drew, and Hardy Boys inspired me to be inquisitive. In my teens I discovered As the Crow Flies and Fountain Head. I believe those had an immense effect on my thought process.


  1. What do you wish someone would ask you but no one ever does? Please write it out here and answer it.

I am blessed to not have such a question. I am very open to conversation and never scared to ask something. Invariably, I end up having all my questions brought up.

Also, I am blessed to have a supportive husband/friends/blogger friends who are very interactive. Jewel, you are one of them! I advise everyone to be open in their communication. Talking is very therapeutic.


  1. What advice can you give to mothers who strive to create a blog or write for sites like the Huffington post and the Richmond Moms?

The one thing that often surprises me is when people ask me how to get into these websites is that they haven’t yet pitched to a single one. There is an understandable fear of being rejected. Rejection will happen a million times before you will be accepted, even when writing for free.

But you need to try.

Everything in life is trial and error. You pitch, fail, learn how to do it better and try again.

Ask editors of blogs if you can guest post for them. Create an online presence and then pitch to bigger publications. Don’t fear the word “No.”

Same with blogging, or any artistic passion. If you want to try something new, do it. With the many tools available these days any passion is easy to figure out. The blogging community is very helpful with supporting eachother and willing to teach newbies.

But be professional about it all.

Blogging/Writing for publications is a job like any other and basic etiquette takes you a long way.


Thank you, Aditi. It was a pleasure!


If you have any questions for Aditi, ask away in the comments below.

Don’t forget check out her site Silver Linings



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