Interview With a (Pregnant!) Mother: Maribel Hughley

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interview with a mother: maribel

Our guest today is Maribel Hughley. Her site is about serving Christ, family, and others. She is a featured blogger for beauty and lifestyle magazine for 2016 and is 36 weeks pregnant!

Welcome, Maribel.

  1. Let’s start with every mother’s favorite thing to chat about. Will you tell us about your children?

Gladly! My first born is my daughter, Abygael. She is 3 years old and is hilarious. She’s a very active and energized girl. She loves to be hands on with everything and always feels she has to be doing something. She’s so kind, generous, sensitive, and a lover of people. My second child, is my daughter, Lilly Anna. We call her Lilly bug because she had lady bug outfits when she was born. She is 2 years old and total opposite of Abygael. Haha! She’s sweet and loveable, but is also a feisty little thing. She loves to watch Barney and laugh. She’s a fast runner, so she keeps me on my toes. My third child, is my only son, Azariah. He is one-year-old and is the sweetest little person ever. He’s truly a mommy’s boy and is so sensitive. He is very active but calm at the same time. He loves his sisters dearly and loves to play with them now that he’s almost running. He can get an attitude, especially with Lilly, but we keep him under control. Haha! And then there is our sweet Anna Bella whom we haven’t met yet. She is due in the middle of August. I can tell you she moves and kicks a lot already, so we shall see.

2. What do you believe is the most important thing we must teach our kids?

Wow, that’s such a deep question for me. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to teach them about Jesus. Our whole life is in His hands, so for me, that’s major for the kids. They need to know about values, morals, and appreciation for what we have in life.

3. What food have you craved most during this pregnancy?

Oh my gosh, I don’t even know…haha. I would have to say chocolate. I’ve craved a lot of chocolate milk and cookies. Also, soda! It sounds so bad, but I think junk in general. Haha! What was your strangest craving?My strangest craving I would have to say is crab legs. I like them in general, but I’ve really wanted them for a while now. Still haven’t had them though.

4. How has religion affected your parenting?

Religion has been everything for my parenting. I don’t think I’ve cried out to the Lord so much like I do now. I’ve really sought Him for wisdom and guidance in how to be the mother that He wants me to be for my kids. When I felt inadequate, He showed me I have what it takes to take care of the gifts He’s given me. When I feel overwhelmed, He’s helped me calm down. God has taught me so much about myself as well in parenting. I’ve had to change a lot of things about myself during the process. It’s an amazing journey.

5. What is your favorite smell? Worst?

My favorite smell is flowers. I’ve just loved the smell of nature lately. My worst is liver and just meat. When we prep for food, I can’t stand the smell of meat. I’ve always hated the smell of liver.

6. Do you let your children use phones or tablets? If not, when will you allow them to?

I do let them use both devices. Having three little ones and doing everything else in the house, it isn’t the easiest. So, I will set some times that they can watch a couple videos. They mostly like YouTube Kids, so I monitor what they see. If we go out and it will be a longer than usual ride, sometimes we will let them play on the tablets.

7. What are your three favorite children’s books?

Oh geesh, I don’t think I have any yet. I have read some Veggie Tales books and those seem to be real good. Also, we’ve read books that show pictures and they have to say what the items are. I’m starting some schooling for them this year, so I will be implementing a lot more books.

8. What is your greatest fear and hope?

My greatest fear is losing my kids in any way, shape, or form. Oh, and I also fear heights. Ha! My greatest hope is that I am the best mom to them and when they grow up they will know I tried my very best.

9. Being pregnant means eating more. What is your go-to weekday dinner?

Ha! I think everything right now. I would have to say hamburger helper macaroni. I say hamburger helper because I can’t think of the name, but we make our own version. I don’t actually buy the hamburger helper. It is Velveeta mac n cheese boxes with ground beef. The noodles in the box and the cheese, we love love love. So, we season the meat to our tasting and then mix with the Velveeta, and omg…now I’m hungry. Haha! I’ve loved it so much in pregnancy.

10. How has motherhood changed you for the better?

Oh, this is a sweet question. I would have to say, motherhood has taught me how to be a better individual, period. I’ve learned how to be selfless through my children. I grew up almost like an only child, so I was used to having it all. Being a mom, I think of myself last. Also, motherhood has changed my outlook on other moms. When I didn’t have any children, I didn’t understand why some moms felt the way they did or why things were a certain way. Now that I’m a mom, I can totally understand and I have so much more compassion. I have such an appreciation for life because of them. The simple things in life are everything to me.

Thank you, Maribel!

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