Interview With a Father: Frank McKinley

I always thought it would be fun to interview a father and get their side of writing life with kids, so I’m honored to interview Frank McKinley. 

He is a published Author. Founder of the Tribe Builder’s Network (Join the group Facebook group HERE.) Writing Coach and has over 26,000 books sold.

Thank you for letting me pick your brain, Frank.

1. Please tell us about your family.

I met my wife Missy 29 years ago at a Christmas party. As soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew she was something special. 

I wanted to ask her out, but my friend Larry beat me to it.

He told me that while Missy was nice, he just couldn’t  commit to her.

“Why don’t you break it off before you break her heart?” I asked.

6 months later, he finally did.

I showed up to console her – and win her heart.

We have 2 kids. Kayla is 26. Drew is 20. Kayla plans to study nursing. Drew works with me.

2. You have sold over 25,000 books on Amazon. Own your own. What's your trick to being a non-sleazy marketer?

The secret is in the sales copy. The main thing I do is solve problems that readers want fixed. I do this by filling gaps in their knowledge and challenging them to do something with what they learn.

It also helps to have an eye-catching cover and an awesome title.

It helps to have an eye-catching cover and an awesome title. -Frank McKinley

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3. What’s one moment that changed your life? How did that affect the way you write?

In 2014, strangers started buying my books. To me, that meant I really was a writer. In 2016, I decided I wanted to go pro.

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4. What do you believe is the biggest difference between fathers who write and mothers who write?

Mothers bear a lot more of the burden when it comes to raising kids. That’s a huge factor. We all have to choose how we’ll spend our time.

Mothers bear a lot of the burden when it comes to raising kids.

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5. What's your best tip for writing with kids around? 

I get up early. Most days it’s 4 AM. There aren’t many distractions at that hour. That way I can spend time with them at night.

6. What are your plans for the future? Anything exciting we can look forward to?


I’m putting together a course about how I sold so many books so others can do it, too. And if you don’t want to do that, you can hire me to do it for you!

7. What do you see in the future for other writers?

I think writers who want to make a living from their work will have to use books as leverage for bigger things. For example, building an email list, a coaching practice, or a product or service.

We all have to choose how we spend our time. -Frank McKinley

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Frank McKinley is a published Author, teacher, and entrepreneur. When he’s not writing, he enjoys coffee and conversation. Visit him HERE.

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