How to use Your 10 Minute Shower Oasis to Write Better

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Is this you?

The heat turns your skin red as you wash away something sticky from your hair. Snot? Honey?

Sure, we’ll go with honey.

The water streams down caressing your body, massaging the knotted muscles in your shoulders and neck.

You groan.

After only ten minutes you turn off your spa and step out. The hum of the water no longer drowns out the sound of your kids playing/screaming. Time to relieve husband of baby-duty and set him off to work.

Your shower, or mini oasis, is done.

Mommy Time-Out

Moms are so worried about everything -and everyone- else, they often forget they often forget about time and how their needs are just as important. -Shawn Fink

My shower is the moment I get to have some alone, at least most days, and I relish it. I turn up the heat until it’s scorching and let the steam hide the world. My spa. My mommy-time.

Water is cleansing and a shower distraction-free. My phone sits away on the counter, the shower curtain acting as a barrier. I have the perfect excuse to ignore social media, notifications, and messages as the water revives my spirit and cleans the day’s messes off my skin and hair.

In the shower, the world can’t touch me. I am truly myself, unshaven legs and all.

In the shower the world can’t touch me. I am truly myself, unshaven legs and all.

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The Muse

When I was little, I used to sing in the shower, now I make life decisions in there. -Anonymous

And because the world, to-do lists, and children are not heard during showers (if we’re lucky), the muse likes to visit my quiet mind and start speaking as I shave. It whispers stories, novel ideas, or even articles. The shower is where I stood as I thought of the words for this article.

It feels like by the time I’m done drying myself I have a book ready to be written, or at least start. My shower, this tiny writer mom oasis, helps me be a better writer. It helps me relax. 

If we had as much time to write as our husbands have to use the toilet, we could have many novels written. Maybe that’s why the muse hurries into the writing moms home oasis and showers us with ideas while we rinse off the day.

If we had as much time to write as our husbands have to use the toilet, we could have many novels written. #writermom

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Ways to Use This Time Correctly

24/7 Once you sign on to be a mother, that’s the only shift they offer. -Jodi Picoult

Showering is an easy task for many but for a mom it can be a challenging task just finding the time to jump in, and joyful once we do. This time is precious and should be used well.

Lock the Door

Make sure the kids are safe with the husband or adult, and lock the door. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had kids wander in with their sweet needs or simply feel the need to tell me what commercial is playing while I condition my hair.

Turn off Your Phone

Don’t let the noise distract you. If you hear a buzz or a notification chime you will rush the shower just to see if someone commented on your article or story.

Let the screen go dark so you can relax.

Shower, Not Bath

Yes, a bath feels fantastic, but it’s a different thing. Once you start running the bath water it’s like a warning call to your adorable children that you are about to do something for yourself and they must come join. Then once you lay in the water the house is too quiet, and they may come searching for mama.

But the noise of a shower could mean anyone is getting in. At least for my kids.

You also spend less time waiting for the bath to fill and more time to enjoy your home spa.

Capture the Muse

You know the muse will arrive uninvited or invited to your shower so be prepared.

It is a notepad call Aqua Pad (not an affiliate and still on my own wish list) that you have on the shower wall that lets you write down your ideas while you shampoo. Wow.

Just don’t write your grocery list on there, though it will be tempting.

My shower, this tiny writer mom oasis, helps you be a better writer. It helps you relax. Enjoy it. #writermom

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Do Nothing

Or simply enjoy the quiet. Do nothing. Let your mind be free, and the anxiety melt away. You'll write better for it. 

You deserve your shower oasis, mama.

And we want to read what the muse inspires you with while you’re in there.

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4 thoughts on “How to use Your 10 Minute Shower Oasis to Write Better

  1. Dear #WriterMom (Jewel),
    Hats off to the “showering” & writing moms!
    As a (male) reader of your blog, I am quite concerned about the apparent high incidence of constipation among the spouses of North American writing Moms. To prove my point, I quote: “If we had as much time to write as our husbands have to use the toilet, we could have many novels written. #writermom.”
    Three suggestions: 1. Send them all to read and follow advice on Nicol’s site, WeTalkHealthy—the secret is a higher fiber diet (2) Check with Dr. Oz? (3) Check with Dr. Phil?

    1. Baha, you are too funny! Love the suggestions for all the #WriterMom husbands from a male perspective, lol. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, read and say hello!

  2. Shower time is the best time I’ve found to process my day. My shower and I have worked through postpartum depression, the loss of a nephew, and the death of a former co-worker. It cleans not only my body, but also my mind!

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