God’s Imagination


The last word of the from our daily bible chapter is read. I sigh from exhaustion and relief. The sandman has been working his magic on me all evening but has yet to find his way to my sweet four year old boy.

“Song, Mommy!” He says smacking his hands on either side of my face making me feel like a fish. I raise my eyebrows in an effort to keep my eyes open.

“Ok,” I say wrapping my arms around his little body; he’s my teddy bear.

I sing about bluebirds flying over rainbows and troubles melting away. His breathing slows as sleep searches for him.

He startles awake. “Light!”

Unwilling to get up, I call to my husband, “Love, can you get the light?” The computer is placed on the hard wood and the sound of footsteps coming to the bedroom are heard.

The room goes dark except for a decorative snowman flashing different color lights. Our makeshift nightlight.

“Kiss, Daddy.”

My husband comes and leans over the bed for a kiss goodnight. My son and I both grab and hug him. I can feel my his prickly, slightly painful beard, and my sons soft cheeks simultaneously. The smell of cologne and baby shampoo mix together. I can’t imagine any moment better than this one.

A little over a year later our group hug has an additional soft cheek to smooch. God’s imagination is more creative than mine.

When have you experienced “heaven on earth?”


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