How to Focus Like a Pro When You Have Too Many Writing IDEAS

It’s a war.

The computer stares you down, ready to fight to the death.

If you get words in the blinking screen you are the winner. Otherwise…

You lose.

But for once the lack of words isn’t from the missing muse.

It’s from your buzzing mind filled with amazing ideas.

You can’t choose just one.

Which means you can’t focus.

And you can’t write.

But with a few tricks you can win the battle to write and set your ideas free.



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Make Time Alone a Priority

I recently wrote a guest post (read it here) that talked about how valuable writing with people is.

But there is another side.

Sometimes writers need to be left ALONE.

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We need to turn off the TV, internet and, for a couple ours at least, turn off people. For many, writing is our job and should be treated so.

But how on earth can a mother get time to write alone when we can barely use the bathroom alone?

Be mean.

Bleh, that is something that I can’t do. I am a people pleaser. But if you want to do well, write well and let some of those fluttering ideas out your head, you need to tell people to leave you alone.

Or ask someone like your spouse to watch the kids for two hours.

It’s like Jon Morrow from SmartBlogger says, “If I gave you 300,000 dollars a month if you wrote for three hours every day, would you?

Of course you would.

You need to choose writing. Make it a priority for an hour or two. Leave the house if you must.

Don’t get me wrong I know it’s hard, especially if you have small children. It can feel like you’re leaving your heart at home.

Plus, the mom guilt.

How can you do something for yourself, something others may think of as just a hobby when your baby needs you?

Because you need to be yourself. You need to show your children that you are a passionate well-rounded person. They will thank you for it.

So, get alone. Set your ideas free.



Make a List

Oh, we mothers love our lists, don’t we?

• Grocery lists.
• School list.
• Chore list,
• Never-ending to-do list.

Yet, a writer needs to add one more.

It’s a simple solution to the overfilled mind full of ideas.

But it works.

Make a list of ALL your ideas. Get everything out that you can. If you can’t remember all of them that’s fine. You can keep adding more ideas to the list.

But keep your idea list in once spot.

It sounds, backwards right? How can writing down your ideas help you get rid of your ideas?
Because seeing those ideas helps you choose one to work on. It will free your overworked brain from carrying the heavy weight of your ideas.

You feel lighter.

Once you have the list down, you may find one idea that speaks to your heart. One that you can’t stop thinking about.

Choose that one.

And write.

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Schedule and Stick to It

Another thing that moms, or perfect Pinterest moms seem to love is a schedule.

This is not me. I don’t like to even think about planning ahead.

But each time make schedule, or write in my pretty planner chores get done. Ideas are used. Planning ahead works.

I encourage you to try.

Take your new lovely list of ideas and plan to write one a week, again choosing ideas that speak to your soul.

I would love to say your idea list will gradually decrease.

But it will probably grow. The muse loves consistency.

Yet, you will feel a sense of relief. Old ideas that have sat in your mind are being set free. It relieves stress to know you are accomplishing what you have planned.

And you get to see your words on the screen.

Once you get your schedule done, stick to it. Make it your job.

It’s hard work, but it’s work that’s worth it.

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Speed ahead, Lightening McQueen

Have you ever sat down to write a story or article, wrote a paragraph three times and had to leave your work half completed?

And then you never finish?

I have.

My Microsoft Word is filled with saved documents that are half-finished. Ideas left to dust.
And it bothers me.

But I have learned one trick that is helping to get my ideas finished.

And it’s more than just sitting my butt in the chair, (or bed like I’m doing now).

It’s all about writing fast.

It doesn’t mean you must write 15,000 words in one day, though that is possible. It’s about writing your story or article down as fast as you can until your reach the end of the project. Whether the words your write are the greatest you have ever spewed out of your brain.

Or the worst.

But get them out. Ignore the red and blue marks correcting your grammar and spelling.

Finish your goal for the day.

That way you have something to work with, to edit.

It feels good to move fast, to let the thoughts free.

And when you’re constantly moving your fingers, you’re less distracted by the world around you. Your thoughts are occupied by the task at your fingertips.

Writing fast helps you focus AND checks one idea off your list.

Win, win.

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Yes, it’s Hard

Let’s face it.

Trying to focus and get all your amazing ideas out of your head is hard.

Sometimes it seems like nothing you do works, but when that happens you need to have a little pep-talk with yourself. Remind yourself that If you can make a little list with a schedule to stick to, get some needed time alone, and write fast, you can rid your mind of too many ideas.

You can achieve your dreams. You can write that article or finish that novel.

You will win the war.

So, get off the Internet. Stop reading this article.

And write your fantastic idea.

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One thought on “How to Focus Like a Pro When You Have Too Many Writing IDEAS

  1. I started writing my ideas down cause they are always floating around and I forget. My biggest struggle is consistency. I’m doing much better with it though. Learning to tell others no has been the biggest win of that!

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