Creative Kids: Charlie and Maddi

Charlie's Story


Charlie’s Story

Ten little frogs, bouncing on a head. One fell off and run out of bounce. Another frog fell and bunked his head. Another frog fell and he had nothin’. Another frog was the king. The king wanted to fall off so he just jumped off and bunked his head.



Maddi’s StoryMaddi's Story

Three little froggies jumping on the head. Only jumping on the marker and draw now. The pink ones are not poisonous but the pink and blue one is. The froggies, only giant froggies, and the Mama frog is a giant frog and it’s all done.



Charlie is a 6-year-old Kindergarten graduate, who is interested in dinosaurs and astronomy.  He is well on his way to becoming a Lego Master Builder.

Maddi is 3 years old.  Today, her favorite color is purple.  She proclaims that she is already a Lego Master Builder.  Maddi is also interested in dinosaurs, and loves puppies.

You can find their mother’s blog here.

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