How to Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth Every Day Without Debate and With a Smile

It seems impossible, doesn’t it? The only people who have kids that brush their teeth without problems are supermoms who can wash the dishes, feed the dog and bake cookies at the same time while showing their own pearly white smile. Or some sort of kid whisperer. Basically, not you. Or me. My kiddo is that master of finding reasons not to brush his teeth. “I still need to eat breakfast and I don’t want to brush them twice,” He[Read more]

Product Review: Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit

The crimson dot sprouted from his miniature pointer finger. Tears, thick and heavy poured from his large brown eyes. My heart burst. I had to help him. I became a mama bear. Has that ever happened to you? Are you prepared at home, or elsewhere, to handle your child’s minor injuries yourself? Is a First Aid Kit Really Necessary? I can’t stand to think about my children getting hurt; even such a tiny cut like the one my kid got[Read more]

Review: Teething Lovie

Does your toddler get bored easily with their toys? My daughter definitely does. She will play with something for a few minutes before moving on to the next. So I was excited to review the Teething Lovie. Maybe she would finally play long enough for me to chop an onion or drink some coffee. I didn’t really know much about the product I was about to review, except that it was for teething babies. I was simply honored to be[Read more]