10 Ways Motherhood has Changed Me

People tell you during pregnancy that motherhood will change you. I believed these relatives and friends. I thought I understood, but no one really can until you cradle your fragile human. Here are ten ways motherhood has changed me, for better or worse. I cannot think about terrible things happening to children. Can’t even write an example. Nope. Won’t do it. It takes more than a week to read a novel.It’s hard to concentrate when you hear, “Mom. Mom. Did you[Read more]

Hold Your Horses

A short story about holding on to life’s moments. “Am I five yet?” My son asked last night while walking to dinner. “Nope. Why do you ask?” “You said when I’m bigger I can sit in the front seat with Daddy.’ “Oh,” I laughed, and continued pushing the stroller. “You will have to be bigger than five for that.” He did a mix of a grunt and a growl. “How old?” “I don’t know. Maybe twelve?” “Twelve is too big! I can’t wait that long.” I looked[Read more]

Little Monster Truck

Little Monster Truck Last, there was a little monster truck. And then he growed ginormous! To 100 feet tall. He got trapped by a trap. And then he broke through with his monster truck wheels. And then he got popped his wheels. Then a man was making big tires bigger. They got sugar all over them. Then a vacuumed cleaned the sugar. It made the air get the sugar inside. Two big metals with holes trapped the truck in a[Read more]

A Place for Book Lovers

I stood there licking my dry lips. I have an addiction.  “You’re having a shopping high,” my niece/sister, Sheree, said with a laugh. Her slender figure crouched over the high quality material while I bounced my baby girl on my hip. I looked at the books tightly stacked in shelves around the shop. The most expensive being three dollars. The cover smooth and barely touched. The pages used but still crisp. “I think you’re right,” I said. Handing the cash[Read more]