Baby’s First Year: 5 Things I Won’t and Will Miss


5 Things

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My daughter turned one on Friday. No, I cannot believe it. It was precious. She smiled, clapped and giggled. The special day had me reminiscing about her, and her brothers, first year. It wasn’t always glitter and joy. Here are five things I will not miss from a baby’s first year.

1. Waking Up at Night

Let’s be totally honest. Waking up at night is not something babies do only in their first year, but they do it most and you are the most sleepy then. Well, exhausted. Psychologytoday says “Sleep deprivation is less overtly violent than cutting off someone’s finger, but it can be far more damaging and painful.” Yikes! It doesn’t take long to imagine why. When my daughter was a few days old we went to the doctor and I could hardly spell her name. Granted it’s a long one, but still!

2. Teething

I remember to the minute the moment my son started teething. He was a happy ten-month-old when suddenly he started crying and fussing, not sleeping well and throwing fits. Poor kid. Poor family! Teething is a pain for everyone. I know he won’t miss those nights crying and neither will I.

3. Newborn Shots

They are torture for the child and parents. You walk into the cabinet-size room with a smiling, joyful baby. She coo’s and smiles for her new friends/ enemies- the nurses. You lay that tiny baby down; she looks at you with a smile that transforms into tears. It is terrible. I wish so much I could erase her misery. Magical mom kisses don’t ease her pain. You are helpless. The one tip I have is don’t watch her face when they poke your baby. Just hold her tight.

4. My Fragile Baby

Everything about bringing home your new family member is scary. Someone I know had a clock dropped on his head by his sister his first moment alone in the crib. I had this image in my head as I introduced our little girl to her brother. Everything is dangerous: siblings, the dog, and even sleeping. This is why parents check to see if their kids are breathing. The world is a dangerous, frightening place.

5. First Times

Then the first accident happens and your heart breaks. One night after my son’s bath, he fell when I put his towel on him. He kind of twisted and somehow hit the side of the counter. He had a goose egg bump on the side of his head. His first. I was calm as it happened but, after I realized he was ok, my tears fell. I couldn’t help but think of how much worse it could have been, or he really was alright. This is when google comes in handy!

The first year is difficult but there really isn’t a greater joy than motherhood, at least for me. Here are five things I will miss.


1. Waking Up at Night

The first night our daughter was home with us she woke me up from a deep sleep, and I squealed. I was so excited to see her. She is my second child so I knew what I was getting into. I just held her small body and smiled. Yes, my body was healing and I was falling asleep sitting, but this was just the beginning. I had waited so long and I was happy to finally to start. Plus, nights were mommy and daughter time.

2. Teething

The pain and process of teething can be hard, but it is worth it. The first time I saw the dark line showing where my kid’s teeth would be I got excited. It was finally happening. Another moment for mama pride! Then the teeth slowly grew and I got to see an image of what my baby, soon-to-be-child would look like. It was beautiful.

3. Newborn Shots

I could skip the whole process but I did love how cuddly my daughter was after. All she wanted to do was sleep, eat, and lay on me. Yes, it made doing things more difficult, but sometimes you just need to snuggle with your children and the shots were my perfect excuse to do this. Why not use it?

4. My Fragile Baby

I don’t like how easy babies can get hurt but time is fragile, too. They aren’t small for long. I can’t help but tear up every time I pack away a newborn sleeper (Why do mothers cry over the past?). I will miss her tiny toes and little butt, but I love the happy, bigger baby in her place.

5. First Times

There are scary first times, but also wonderful ones. My daughter was born and had to be checked right away, but when they brought her to me she looked at me when I spoke. She recognized my voice! It absolutely amazed me. I will always remember my kids first breath, smile, and tooth. The day my son took his first steps was one of the happiest days of my life. I look forward to many other great firsts.

I won’t miss and will miss it all. I already do. I can only look at pictures with a smile and enjoy the time I have now. That’s all we can do. Enjoy it.


What won’t you miss? What will you? I always love to hear in the comment section.

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2 thoughts on “Baby’s First Year: 5 Things I Won’t and Will Miss

  1. I don’t miss the sleepless nights either, but do miss the special times with just the baby and me alone at night. I don’t miss the constant laundry, but do miss washing and folding those tiny clothes. Great blog!

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