Interview With a Mother: My Mommy

I think that every child wishes they could sit down and ask their mother a bunch of questions and get the truth. I couldn’t pass up the chance to interview my very own Mother, Rita Johnson. Thank you, Mommy! 1. As always, we will start with the best part first. Please tell us about your children. Yes, I will tell you about my wonderful, now adult, children. They are now 45, 43, 41 and two 28’s. Ha, yes! My first born was a girl.[Read more]

Creative Kids: Charlie and Maddi

  Charlie’s Story Ten little frogs, bouncing on a head. One fell off and run out of bounce. Another frog fell and bunked his head. Another frog fell and he had nothin’. Another frog was the king. The king wanted to fall off so he just jumped off and bunked his head.     Maddi’s Story Three little froggies jumping on the head. Only jumping on the marker and draw now. The pink ones are not poisonous but the pink[Read more]

Interview With a Mother: Megan Stonelake

I had the honor of interviewing Megan Stonelake from Empathic Parenting. Her beautiful site is full of helpful tips and services for when parenting becomes overwhelming. She has a four-year-old son and loves baked goods. Welcome, Megan! 1. We wouldn’t be chatting today if it were not for our children. Will you tell us about your four-year-old? Absolutely, he’s one of my favorite topics to discuss. J My four-year-old is sensitive, joyful, and creative. He loves making up stories and[Read more]

Lego Man

A construction Lego man was building a whole day. He was building a robot. He got squished by a roller then he was flat like a pancake. He was builded different and funny! So funny to 100. One hundred into outer space. And then he turned into an octopus. He was green! Then he got builded again to his normal self. He was happy. Hooray! The end. Written by my four-year-old son. Next week we will have two adorable stories[Read more]

When You Wish Upon a Star

“Tell me what it is!” “You have to take a bite to get another hint.” My four-year-old shoves a piece of chicken into his mouth.” “What is it?” he mumbles. “Swallow first so you don’t choke.” I can almost see his food falling down his throat like a cartoon character and nearly hear the gulp. “It’s big and red.” My son bounces and squeals. My little girl beside him smiles, feeding off his excitement. “I can’t take it anymore. What[Read more]