The Writer Mom’s Manifesto: Motherhood is NOT the End of Your Dreams

​Isn’t it funny how a writer mom’s time works? That brilliant idea first comes to mind and you’re inspired. Excited. You can’t wait to share the words dancing in your head with the world.But months go by and you have nothing written.It wasn’t for lack of thought. Your brilliant idea was maturing like a baby in the womb but, especially since you’re a Mom, you simply couldn’t make time for the new idea. You had a family to feed, a[Read more]

What Hitting my Head Taught me About Writing

Has this ever happened to you?We just finished dinner. The sun was shining behind the leaves making the blow green in the twilight. The day’s wind had already died down like a ceasing breath, a calm before tomorrows exhale.The world was calling for my kids and me to take a walk. Both kids were pleased not to head home already. My two-year-old may have shouted, “woohoo,” in her precious high-pitched voice and clutched her doll. We walked past a fenced-off[Read more]

(Write Away: 1) What to do When You Just Can’t Write

Can I tell you a secret?You always hear, and I have written this as well, that we should write every day, even if it’s only a little. Then you hear the smart advice to publish every day, to practice in public.But I didn’t expect it to be so hard. PlansA couple of months ago I had an idea I thought was pretty neat, though intimidating. I was going to (finally) start writing a novel and write articles about writing a novel.[Read more]

The One Simple Trick to Know if You Should Keep Writing (Or Give Up)

Photo by Jacqueline Day on UnsplashYou want to know, don’t you?That’s what you came here for. To find out the secrets to great writing. To learn what’s the best word to use that will have your readers begging for more. To find out how to write articles and stories that will climb there way to the best-seller list.You want to know how to write your way to success. But let me ask you something. How do you feel when you[Read more]

Writer Kids: A Family Vacation to Space

First, we were packing up our suitcases and our astronaut’s clothes.  Second, we were going to a rocket ship station.  Third, we got in the rocket and we said, “5,4,3,2,1, Blast off!” The rocket ship blasted off. Then we said, “Let’s go to Jupiter.” The rocket ship computer obeyed. Then we said, “Let’s go to Jupiter.” The rocket ship computer obeyed. #writerkids Click to Tweet When we got there we dived into the storm then jumped out. It was red and[Read more]