5 Surprising Things You Notice Once You Finally Call Yourself a WRITER.


At first you do it in secret.

Hands ready, computer screen glowing. You begin.

The words pour out in a gush. You’ve never felt better than when you’re writing.

Yet no one knows.

They say you aren’t a professional writer until you call yourself one. So, I’ve started telling people.

And I’ve noticed a few things that happen once you finally admit your secret.

That you are a writer.

1. You are SO Not Alone

I admit it, heart racing.

“I have two kids” I say,” And… I write”.

There is a moment when you believe the person will be amazed by your confession. You must be the one of the few, right?

And then your bubble pops.

They are a writer, too.

They are planning a book, or want to one day, or dream of writing. And for a second, you are sad.

This was your moment.

Until you realize how awesome this is. You have someone who understands you. You can talk books, writing and editing.

And it feels good not to be alone.


2. Are You Published?

If they aren’t writers, someone normally ask this.

They look at you, eyebrows raised and ask. “Have you been published?” Or say, “Have I read anything of yours?”

And for me, my heart drops. Because, of course I haven’t.

I am new at this. It is my passion.

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But, my books have yet to reach shelves. In fact, they still sit in my mind.

It can be disheartening to see the disappointment.

But, I always answer with a positive and mention something I am proud of.

Like my:

• Contests
• Short stories published online
• Website
• Doing first reads for Grimdark Magazine
• And the books ideas I have.

They will be pleased and so should you.


3. They Don’t Care

If you call yourself a writer it means you are ready to be a professional writer.

It is a big step. Something to be proud of.

Many people will never admit they write. They keep it like a secret shame locked in a dark bedroom.

So, when you admit it to someone, you kind of expect fireworks. Or at least a clap on the back.

But some people are different. Some people just don’t care.

You get a blank stare and then it’s off to the next topic.

Apparently, the world does not revolve around the very awesome writing we do. It’s like growing up all over again.

But it’s a good lesson. Just like the conversation topic, we need to move on.

Besides, we’re used to rejection as writers anyway, right?


4. They Care Too Much

Yes, it’s disappointing when someone doesn’t care, but its ok.

Because sometimes you get the opposite. They care too much.

They want to know what you’ve written, if they can read it, and where to find more.

They want to know if you are famous, or will be. Maybe they want your signature- (not me!)

But these are the moments we dream of. The readers who care. Writers want to be inspired and inspire others with their words.

Yet, we can by shy so these moments can be difficult.

But this is the time when you should feel proud, enjoy the fruit your hard work. Step out of your shell this time. Writing is a hard, and sometimes lonely job.

Take your joy when you can.


5. It Feels Good

No matter which end of the spectrum you get for a response there is one thing I have found to always be true.

At least for me.

It feels good.

For a long time, I kept my writing a secret. I was afraid someone would see how terrible my writing is and call me out on it.

Well, I am still sure that will happen.

But I love admitting my passion. To doing something that I love. And no matter how much talent I have, or don’t have, there is something to be said for pursuing your passion.

So, go ahead. Call yourself a writer.

Sure, you may have people who care, don’t care, also write, hope you’re a new J.K. Rowling, but in the end, none of these things matter.

You call yourself a writer for YOU.

You are now the professional.

You are a writer.

Let the world know.

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7 thoughts on “5 Surprising Things You Notice Once You Finally Call Yourself a WRITER.

  1. This is such a wonderful article Jewel. It reflects my feeling perfectly. I love to write…I love to express my thoughts but always hesitated thinking my writing is not so good but somehow i believed my gut and followed my passion. But I am still a kid in the writing journey and I am putting myself completely in learning and perfecting the art of writing.. This article is very motivating.. Thank you…

    1. I have the same feelings about my writing but im trying to ignore those negative things in my head and continue with it.

  2. There is so much truth in this article! Even those of us who have self-pubbed and are actively trying to make a career of writing can shy away from the attention that this admission gets us from some people. It’s a never-ending journey, and that’s part of what makes being a writer so doggone awesome.

  3. Jewel, you’re doing great from what I can see. You’ve done a podcast. You’ve entered contests. You have an awesome blog and Facebook group.

    The books will come and they’ll sell as you continue to grow, share, and take risks.

    You really nailed it with this post!

  4. I loved this! Especially your honesty about that being sad when you find out someone else is a writer. That has happened to me ! Especially when I found out the person has a published book. I was happy for them in the end, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one whose felt that way. Thanks!

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