10 Ways Motherhood has Changed Me

There will be decaf. Lots of decaf.

People tell you during pregnancy that motherhood will change you. I believed these relatives and friends. I thought I understood, but no one really can until you cradle your fragile human. Here are ten ways motherhood has changed me, for better or worse.

  1. I cannot think about terrible things happening to children. Can’t even write an example. Nope. Won’t do it.
  2. It takes more than a week to read a novel.It’s hard to concentrate when you hear, “Mom. Mom. Did you hear that, Mom?” Plus, I can’t resist him.
  3. Things have become more sanitary. Kids, and especially baby toys, are wiped with pacifier wipes or rinsed in painfully hot water. Also, whether I’m coming in from outside or touching my dog, my hands are scrubbed. A trait my son is learning.
  4. Scary movies actually scare me. I used to be able to watch all sorts of haunting or gore movies without much problem. Now I jump at a thriller.
  5. I double check everything. If the doors are locked, or if the baby gate is properly closed. I must kiss the kids before bed, otherwise I can’t sleep. Even if it’s 3am.
  6. It can take up to three days to watch one movie. Partly because by the time the kids are asleep, I’m asleep.
  7. My children are my new alarm clock. Waking up before 8am everyday is normal. Even lucky.
  8. I’m late more than I like to admit. I used to do my makeup and hair while listening to music and sipping on fresh-brewed coffee. Then I would choose an outfit and walk out the door. Easy-peasy. Now I scribble on my eyeliner, burn my hair, feed the kids, untangle zippers and beg my kiddo to get going.
  9. Daylight savings time means nothing to a child and, therefore, nothing to me. You get an extra hour of sleep? Oh, how nice.
  10. I can’t go anywhere without thinking of my children. No matter what. Always.

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