The Wind’s Interpreter


Photo By Kristina Gray

My life is an infinite cycle, but this is my favorite part. My newly reborn brothers and sisters surround me, though I believe I will be first to fall. My liquid body has grown large and heavy. Gravity pulls at me until at last, I make my way out of the immense storm cloud.

A breath of wind greets me as I begin my descent. My centuries old consort. The gentle way she guides me is a welcoming caress.

“Hello friend,” I say. The wind flutters. She is ready to play. She whisks me around, my shape changing form with each flurry. It tickles. Gravity grips me tighter, reforming my perfect teardrop body. The speed of my descent increases. Soon I will rejoin my siblings to clean and refresh the world one drop at a time.

The tempest wind disapproves. She sends a brisk gust trying to slow my fall. I am pushed into a slanting position. My fall is slowed by seconds. Angered more, a rapid whirlwind spins me.

A burst of energy buzzes as lightning rages to the ground. There is a deafening sound that shakes me, then silence. The chastised wind calms to a breeze; a sigh of defeat.

“I will miss you, too,” I tell her.

The ground is seconds away, my least favorite part. The air blows one last kiss, then I crash into the cold, hard cement. Shattered, pieces of me separate into new sibling droplets. I lay there broken, waiting for the cycle to return me to my companion once more.

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You are the wind’s interpreter. What is it saying?

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