Versatile Blogger Award

The versatile blogger award is a for new or smaller blogs to gain some well-deserved love. I am excited to announce that I was nominated! The best part, though, is who I was nominated by.


Busy Bee! Or as I like to call her, Bee. We met through social media. I kept seeing her awesome, wingless Bee drawing appear on Facebook and Twitter. She writes with passion and love about difficult topics. It is an honor to be nominated by her.

Bee wrote a beautiful post about her own nomination and the bloggers she chose, including a touching paragraph about my site. It was a lovely way to boost my blogging/writing spirit!

Thanks, Bee!

7 Facts About Myself

A part of being nominated is writing 7 things about yourself. Yikes! Here goes.

I am just a mom who…
1. loves God
2. married a Ukrainian
3. lived, got married, and had a baby in Ukraine
4. had another baby in the US
5. is bilingual
6. has a twin brother
7. tries to sing

Whew. Now that we’re past that, on to those lovely bloggers I would love to nominate. You can choose up to ten but these are the ones who’ve made an impact on me so far.

Handmaiden Mommy

I met Maribel through a Facebook group. She messaged me on Facebook and we haven’t stopped chatting since. She once told me the reason she started blogging was to help people. I believe that’s true. And she just had a fourth baby! She is one busy mama.


Jennifer and I have some things in common, which is one reason we found each other. She is also a mother of two -a boy and girl. She writes beautiful short stories and her blog is a place to share honestly about being a mother. Motherhood without the sugar-coating!

Life Unplanned

Darci was one of those bloggers that showing up in the groups I joined. She is a friendly active member with kid advice for all. Her site is lovely place where mothers can share lifestyle tips, inspiration, and ideas.

State of Liberation

So I may be cheating with this one a little. I write some stories and articles for State of Liberation, but the thing is they have about 30 writers! They are a fun group of people willing to help each other through the blogging process. The site is full of everything from entertainment to inspiring articles. Freedom in words!
Each of these blogs has become a part of my writing life. The people behind them are becoming friends though have never heard their voices. Check out their lovely sites to gain a glimpse into their spirit, heart, and life.

What blogs have made an impact on you?

4 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Cool! My next-to-last post was my nomination for this award. I was nominated by someone nominated by busy bee. My post was a lot longer, though. Yours was sweet and to the point. Sometimes longer posts lose me.

    1. Congratulations! I would love to read your post sometime. I like longer posts too at times, but I tend to make them shorter. Guess I just like to get to the meat of it, but I am glad to hear that works for you!

      Thank you, Susan.
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