The Writer Mom’s Manifesto: Motherhood is NOT the End of Your Dreams

​Isn’t it funny how a writer mom’s time works?

That brilliant idea first comes to mind and you’re inspired. Excited. You can’t wait to share the words dancing in your head with the world.

But months go by and you have nothing written.

It wasn’t for lack of thought. Your brilliant idea was maturing like a baby in the womb but, especially since you’re a Mom, you simply couldn’t make time for the new idea. You had a family to feed, a husband to love, previous works to write, bills, and the to-do list not — much like your loads of laundry — never seems to end. Because of these some things, things we have been waiting for with much excitement, have to wait. It’s part of being a writer mom.

But this fact makes this moment that much more amazing. And terrifying. The moment when you finally launch, publish, or simply write your idea. 

That is me today. After thinking of this idea months ago, then actually writing it on paper and then the computer, making graphics, and finally sharing it with some awesome authors, it’s done. Whew. 

It's time. Today I bring you The Writer Mom’s Manifesto

"The Writer Mom’s Manifesto speaks to not only our role as mothers, but also to the creative gift of writing we posses. It illuminates the thought that the two are not mutually exclusive, and that we can be fully mom and fully write, offering the best of our entire selves. I loved it.” Quantrilla Ard, wonderful writer mom


Because, at the end of a long day when I didn’t get a word written and somehow the house is still messy, I want someone there that will encourage me like we do our kids. To say we can do it. 

Writer moms need inspiration, too. 

You need someone who understands what you’re going through, and how hard it is to work towards your goal of finally being a published author, to look as happy as the mom on the pretty pink cover. We all need people who relate and understand us.

And The Writer Mom’s Manifesto gives you that, in one sitting. It’s a book that reminds you how motherhood is not the end of your dreams.

But the beginning.

And because I understand how precious your time is, this e-book is short. Very short. You have babies that are growing up faster than you ever imagined and books that are waiting to escape from your mind. This is why the book gets to the point and, hopefully, gets you writing.

"Inspirational and Impactful- words that describe The Writer Mom's Manifesto. If you are a Mom struggling to find the time to work on your dream of writing and sharing your message then this manifesto is the motivation that you need. Jewel, a writer mom herself, walks the walk in her ebook and speaks from her experiences- which is the experience of every mother who wants to write. You will find a common chord in this beautifully laid out book and will be inspired to reach for greatness through your own writing." -Parul Agrawal, best-selling author.

Why today?

Because if you're anything like me you may decide to download this book later, and then never actually do it.

We're busy.

We have too much in our minds with kids, words, characters, learning and so much more. You might forget and by the time you come back, this book could be gone.

How Can You Get Yours?

It's easy. 

Just type in your email address in the form at the bottom of this article and I will send you the book. Ta-da! Bonus, you'll then be a part of the newsletter and get some awesome little updates in the Write away, Mommy universe. Then we can chat and truly work together.


"This book conveys everything about writer-moms. It highlights their valuable role in the society, and written realistically. May this book empower you as a great author." -Lucy Lombos, children's book author, memoirist and novelist.

Let's Write Together

I would ask you one more thing, to join us. Join us writer moms in showing the world that having kids doesn't hinder us from our dreams, it empowers us. Children are life, and with them we are living it well. 

So join me and let's share our words with the world.

Here are a few ways to do just that.

  • You can join the Facebook group here.
  • Share on Facebook
  • Share it on Twitter with the lovely hashtag #writermomsmanifesto
  • Write about it and share it with your own friends, please just don't alter it. 
  • Comment. 
"The Writer Mom's Manifesto taps into a writer-momma's heart, drawing you in with the first few words, and leaving you with an everlasting "You can do it!" attitude." -Jessika Hoffman, lovely writer mom.

And I do believe you can do it. 

It's difficult, for sure. Just today I worked on this article, trying to prepare for the big launch day while my son hummed and commentated on life in the background. My daughter, after her nap decided the best place in the world to sit would be on mommy's lap as she gets frustrated, momentarily, with technology. 

But it's possible, Mama. We can live our dreams, and I hope this manifesto will be a bump in that direction for you.

Let's keep writing away together, Mommy.

It's possible, Mama. We can live our dreams, and I hope this manifesto will be a bump in that direction for you. #writermomsmanifesto #writermom

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"I hate having to feel like I’m choosing between my children who hold my heart and my creativity that feeds my soul. But the truth is, I don’t have to. My craft doesn’t have to be sacrificed on the altar of motherhood to fuel the fires of good parenting. I can be both. I will be both. Because they are inextricably who I am. This is how the Writer Mom's Manifesto made me feel." -Bethany Vitaro, sweet writer mom

And Finally,
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Motherhood is NOT the end of your

 writing dreams. Get The Writer Mom's Manifesto e-book.

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