It’s a Sticky Life

  Imagine a situation that’s very sticky and write about it. My head pounds to the beat of my three-year-old girl’s tapping foot on the kitchen linoleum. I rub my hand down my makeup free face. Coffee and a shower. That’s all I need to make it through this day. “Cheerios and milk,” Lizzy says in a voice that makes want to call her captain. “It’s coming, Miss,” I say. I remind myself to breathe in and out while switching[Read more]

Tapping Toes

Who’s dancing and why are they tapping those toes?   Navigating the dark bedroom is terrifying. My arms jostle her head, and the hardwood floors creak warnings to Lily that she will soon be left alone. I step soft to the left, hoping the wood won’t make a sound, then right. Lily sighs a deep breath through her button nose and continues sleeping. We approach the crib. My heart beats faster, the sound loud in the silent bedroom. I reach[Read more]

A Different Point of View

  Long fingers reach around my body. Clear water and green liquid soap sink into my pores and through my mushy belly, making me all bubbly inside. I can’t contain it. With a squeeze the suds are set free. I begin my work. Tonight’s labor is intense. My boss, the lady with the wrinkles around her blue eyes, decided to experiment. Lasagna. Now I am being shoved and abused as she squishes my coarse back against the crusted cheese and[Read more]