Tick Tock: 5 Powerful Solutions to Crush the Stay-at-Home Mom’s #1 Enemy

Have you ever had that moment at work? You know, when you wait. And wait. And wait to look at the clock. Then, proud of your enduring ability to be patient, you finally allow yourself a peek at the ticking numbers. But your heart sinks. Only 30 minutes have gone by, if you’re lucky. This is a stay-at-home mom’s day. Every. Day. Her secret soul wrenching enemy and it must be crushed.   Too Much Time “How slow and still the[Read more]

Powerful Ways to Steal Cherished Moments With Your Kids

  My son was placed in my arms, squealing and face scrunched. He seemed too small yet too big. Now my tiny baby is a smart, goofy Lego-loving boy about to head to school. He’s a kid. How did it happen so fast? Sometimes I wish I could make time just stop for a second so I can stare at my kids faces without the seconds ticking by. Instead, I use these powerful ways.       Show Affection Kiss your child’s chubby cheeks,[Read more]