Ant’s Birthday

  Once upon a time there was an ant. A black ant. Tarantula, his friend, came. And then ant was gonna have a birthday! And then he had cake, birthday hats, friends juice, and presents. They ate cake and opened presents. Ant got games, Lego’s, a Lego table, and that’s all it. They played all the games, and Lego’s on the Lego table. Everybody won! It was the best birthday day ever. The end. This is last story from my[Read more]

Table Story

  Once upon a time there was a human, and then the human saw a moving table. Then all of the stuff moved! And then he ran away because he was scared. Just like a scaredy-cat. But then he came back and everything was gone. Even his house because it was in a turning storm. He cried. But then everything flied back to him. He was very happy to see the table. Thee end.

Monster Butterfly

Once upon a time there was a monster butterfly. It had little wings and big teeth to ten miles high, and big round eyes. It had a very small nose, and it had a camouflage, stone belly. One day his legs shrinked because he was standing on something bad, a bad magic pedal. Then his belly shrinked! Then his eyes shrinked! Then his nose shrinked big to 100 miles far! He shrunk everything to medium, big, small. He standed off[Read more]