Until Tomorrow

    We hear her voice calling us to come inside. His little heart drops to the dirt. He doesn’t want to go in, even if there is pepperoni pizza waiting on the table. I don’t want him to go either. He looks up to the deck; so do I. She’s not there yet. There is still time. He drives a yellow and black car –Bumblebee– in the sand, making roads with the miniature tire prints. He hums and makes[Read more]

On the Riverboat

  “There it is, mom! The boat!” Levi said. “Oh man, this is the best day ever.” A man passing by smiled down at my excited four-year-old. “It is small.” I laughed and hugged his head. “Well yea, the Disney one is much bigger. Do you still like it?” “Yea!” Lou, my husband, grabbed our baby girl out of my hands. She squealed in delight to be on Daddy. He took my hand and helped me and our son onto the[Read more]

God’s Imagination

The last word of the from our daily bible chapter is read. I sigh from exhaustion and relief. The sandman has been working his magic on me all evening but has yet to find his way to my sweet four year old boy. “Song, Mommy!” He says smacking his hands on either side of my face making me feel like a fish. I raise my eyebrows in an effort to keep my eyes open. “Ok,” I say wrapping my arms[Read more]