Red Race Car

Once upon a time there was a red and white race car. She was racing in a circle. She had to win a trophy with ice cream in it and a spoon. And then she had to race by the green race car. He was bad. And then she broke him into pieces! And then she won. And she ate the ice cream. It was sooo good. Thee end.   Written and illustrated by my four-year-old son. Do you have[Read more]

Ladybug Smelled Cheese

Once there was a little ladybug. She smelled cheese. Then she flyed and goed to get it. Super fast! And then she ate it. But it was stinky in her nose. Then she smelled it and then she fell down. And then she smelled bread. But it was it stinking out of her nose even bigger! And then she smelled nectar. Ladybugs like nectar. But the nectar was in the garbage and it was stinking out of her nose even bigger! And[Read more]

Dinosaurs and Caves

Once upon a time there was a little dinosaurs. And then they growed ginormous! Then they growed small again. But they were strong. They goed in a deep, dark, cave. They got scared of the dark. But they had a telephone in there. They called somebody. They had a flashlight in there. It was ginormous! But they had new page on their phone to call somebody and color on it. They had fun. Hooray! Thee end. Written by my four-year-old.