Photo by Kristina Gray

The faucet turns on with a creak. Water rushes out like a mini foam waterfall into the cheap cream bathtub. Her spa awaits. She lifts the shower nozzle and dashes back from the streams of cold water that come before the heat. Gingerly, she places five toes in the streams.

Hot, but not hot enough. She turns the knob toward the little red H. Better. The searing water scorches the mental ice off her pale skin. Goosebumps break out in applause.

“Hooray!” She imagines they cheer.

Her shoulders fall and a sigh slips through parted lips.

She stands still as a tree letting the burning rain cleanse her limbs and mind. Scraping ice off her van’s windows, bickering with her cold-hearted co-worker, and sprints from her car to indoors are all washed away.

The water cools. She turns the knob until it twists no more.

Light red blotches appear as she loofa’s, then shampoos and conditions. The bathroom fills with the scent of strawberries and coconuts.

The water cools once more. The time in this hourglass of water has run out. She pushes back the curtain, the cloud of steam caressing her dimpled cheeks. It is time to face the world once more.

She steps out and shivers.


What area of your life do you tend to enjoy in excess instead of moderation? Let me know with a story of your own, or a comment in the section below!

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9 thoughts on “Shiver

  1. Oh wow…. thus had just made me realise how much I miss being able to do that; living on the road now with no where to enjoy a hot soak…. but got warmed up by the thought! Also shows me I’ve got a way to go with my attempts of writing.

  2. Your writing is lovely. It must be a welcome oasis in the sometimes grueling day of motherhood. I love how you are so encouraging to other writers. Everyone is invited. Perhaps we’ll even get better.

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