No one Reading Your Blog, Mama? 10 Compelling Reasons to Try Medium

It’s too much.

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. Google+. And more.

All these social platforms bloggers use can make your head spin. Sure, you need them, and they help, if you have a following.

But, maybe you are like me.

When I started blogging all I had was Facebook. Nothing else. And that Facebook account was teeny tiny, made just for family.

Not the best social media presence to say the least. But I have spent the last almost two years growing this presence, like making a Facebook group I love. But it’s not easy.

Sometimes I just wished I could republish blog posts to a new site and find more readers. Make a life a little easier.

Then I found Medium.

At first, I thought it was just another place to add to my list, but it has become so much more than that. 

But with Medium, I have a place where writers help other writers. Where there is automatic feedback and people actually comment on your work.

A place where blogging isn’t so silent. Where I am finding more fantastic readers. Like you.

And, it’s free.

Medium, a place where blogging isn't so silent. Finally.

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Why I love Medium (So Far)

I am NOT an affiliate for Medium. I simply want to share something that has worked for me, in the hope it will help you, too.

1. Easy Sign Up

Seriously, this took me only a couple of minutes to do, and it transferred many of my little twitter following over to my account, which means I didn’t have to start without any followers. Nice for a change.

2. Easy to Write On

Once you do your easy setup, you probably want to get writing. That is what we do after all, right?

And with Medium, it is intuitive.

You go the right side, click begin story and start clicking away. Right-click and you have the headline sizes, bullet points and are able to link sites. Once you’re ready to publish you can hit the three dots in the top right-hand corner, add a few tags then hit publish.


3. The Reading List

I love to say that I am always learning, and Medium is a great place to do this. Much like Netflix, the set up a reading list according to what you like and the people you follow. I like to think of it as those Facebook articles you read, except more condensed and more of what you actually want to read.

4. Applause

Can’t you hear it? The sound of people loving your work, the applause. 

If you like a story, you can clap for it. Yes, this sounds like Facebook, except when you clap on Medium, the story is shared with all your followers.


Without even trying, your sharing the writers work. Which means if you write on Medium, your work gets shared, too. It is such a relief not to have to pester people or sound like a sleazy marketer.

5. Highlight

Like something you read?

Right click and highlight the sentence or paragraph. Again, the work (or your work) will be shared with your followers. Automatically. Want to take it a step further? Highlight again but instead click share, and in two clicks its shared to social media. 

So easy. 

6. Respond

If you comment on a blog, that comment lives there. Sure, the blog owner and the people on the blog can read it, but that’s it. Your words die there. 

Commenting, or called responding on Medium, becomes a whole new post that readers can clap for. That means if you write a fantastic comment, it too can start trending just like a popular article. 

7. Publications

Writing for publications or guest posting is a dream. Yet, it takes so long. You have to prepare a pitch, then wait to hear if they accept it which takes weeks. The longest I’ve waited for Medium Publication is five days.


And with Medium Publications you can reach thousands of readers. Hundreds of thousands, even.

Here are a few I have used or recommend.

8. Republish Your Work

This is what convinced me to start using Medium for the first time, the chance to republish my Write away, Mommy articles on a new site to reach more people. It was kind of like guest posting but the work was already done. A week or so after I published an article on Write away, Mommy I would copy and paste it into Medium. Or find an old post, rewrite and publish it there.

However, now I even love writing an entirely new post for Publications as it does give you higher views.

9. Back links

When you look for a place to write a guest post for, one the number one things you should do is look for a back link. A place where you can have your bio or talk about your freebie/opt-in. This way those readers that make it to the end of the article will have a way to find out more about you and follow your work. To follow you, or even subscribe.

Medium not only has this but lets you write whatever you want about yourself, even advertise your new book. I have found almost 30 wonderful subscribers in one day using this method. That has never happened to me before Medium.

And you can do it, too.

10. Fiction

My passion is fiction. I have multiple books and short stories floating around in my mind that can’t wait to be set free. Much like you.

And Medium can be the place for you readers to find your fiction. For Google to find your work.

Medium is not huge with fiction but there are some lovely publications to write for that have thousands of followers.


It's still hard work, writing always is, but it can be done and Medium can be the tool to help you succeed.

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You can do it. You can get reach a new audience, publish your fiction and find your voice. 

And Medium can help with that.

Jon Morrow said WordPress isn’t king anymore, Medium is.

And Benjamin Hardy gained over 600,000 subscribers and now has a three-figure book deal by writing and republishing on Medium.

It is still hard work, like writing always is, but it can be done and Medium may be the tool to help you. The king of tools that can put social media to rest. At least for a while.

But you’ll never know until you try it. 

And I can’t wait to applaud your words.

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5 thoughts on “No one Reading Your Blog, Mama? 10 Compelling Reasons to Try Medium

  1. Thanks, Elise! Just what I need now. I’ve just posted on Facebook with a live video and was wondering if I should post on Medium, even though my site is still getting set for launch. Do you have any further recommendations for me, please?

    1. Hello Colleen.

      Fantastic question. I would say absolutely post in Medium while you’re getting ready for launch. Just be sure to send the readers to your landing page where you can gather their emails. This is what I would do if I was just starting out.

      It’s a great way to get some excitement for your launch and readers before you even start. Good luck!

    1. Wohoo! That’d be great. I have found it to be fantastic, even had a blog want to republish an article I posted on Medium. You just never know.

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