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Fireflies and Fairy Dust

Eu-2 Publishing is proud to present Fireflies & Fairy Dust: A Fantasy Anthology, with content from over twenty fiction authors, poets, and artists, both established and emerging.

This collection features twists on classic nursery rhymes, retellings of familiar fairytales, and also brand-new work that is sure to become favorites. From uplifting to stark, poetic to funny, sweet to sorrowful, we’ve got you covered with this magical collection.

Kindle 2.99, Paperback 5.99

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When You're Done Expecting
Amazon Best Seller

Discover a collection of thoughts from around the world in When You're DONE Expecting, as a range of women from diverse backgrounds and different countries come together to provide their own accounts of motherhood.  

Short and concise, but powerful and evocative, these reflections offer insights into motherhood that are seldom seen and rarely talked about. They show us the personal hopes, fears, pride and humility that many women discover for themselves when they become mothers. No matter what kind of Mom you are.

Join us on the laughter filled, tear-inducing journey full of endless twists and turns called Motherhood. Let these women warm your hearts with tender moments that makes up their experience of being a mother and find your story among one of these stories.

Kindle .99, Paperback 19.97

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The Writer Mom's Manifesto

Inspirational and Impactful- words that describe The Writer Mom's Manifesto.

If you are a Mom struggling to find the time to work on your dream of writing and sharing your message then this manifesto is the motivation that you need. Jewel, a writer mom herself, walks the walk in her ebook and speaks from her experiences- which is the experience of every mother who wants to write.

You will find a common chord in this beautifully laid out book and will be inspired to reach for greatness through your own writing." -Parul Agrawal, best-selling author.