Kids Who Write -Amexico

Once upon a time, there was a very nice family. They could walk anywhere they wanted. Even to China! 

They ran into an island. Which was very small. It was called Amexico. (That’s  actually a citied name.) The second island next to it was called Farbo and was smaller. The farthest place away from it was the tiniest town of all. 

On the way to the island, their boat sunk!

The ran into a river. It was too deep to walk across or jump across. And then they the used a propeller to propel themselves away from the island to Amexico.

They were saved!

Thee end.

Written by a six-year-old who loves space, robots and legos. 


It was called Amexico. (That’s actually a citied name.) -Kids Who Write

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