The One Simple Trick to Know if You Should Keep Writing (Or Give Up)

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You want to know, don’t you?

That’s what you came here for. To find out the secrets to great writing. To learn what’s the best word to use that will have your readers begging for more. To find out how to write articles and stories that will climb there way to the best-seller list.

You want to know how to write your way to success. But let me ask you something. How do you feel when you write? 


What is Happiness Really?

Is it that moment when you hold your book in your hands for the first time? Or when you submit your article to a site you've always dreamt of writing for?

Sure it is.

But happiness is more than that. It’s the dopamine walking around in your brain. It’s the chemical in your body making you feel alive. Science.

And it’s this moment. It’s you reading each word in this article or the site, soaking up all the knowledge you can. It’s you enjoying your journey. Spirit.

It’s me, laying in bed listening to my husband snore and typing this on my phone instead of sleeping. It’s me finally letting go of my fear of trying to write only the perfect words. Life.

It’s finally letting go of your fear of trying to write only the perfect words.

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The Key

Joy is thy key.

Maybe not to your success in your publishing journey, but instead in achieving joy in the words you are writing. Now. The joy in creating life in made up characters. So, learn everything you can, practical and inspiring. 

And keep your joy in writing. 

Don’t write if you don’t have the key. #amwriting

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What Say You?

So what’s your answer? How does it feel when you write. Are you stressed? Scared? Worried about the future? Or are you happy? 

But here’s the hard truth, don’t write if you’re not happy. It won’t bring you the success you need; the joy of the journey. Sometimes, giving up is gaining.

Don’t write if you don’t have the key. 

Psst! But since you’re here reading, my guess is you genuinely love to write. So get out there, enjoy your joy.

And keep writing away. 

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