How to Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth Every Day Without Debate and With a Smile

It seems impossible, doesn’t it?

The only people who have kids that brush their teeth without problems are supermoms who can wash the dishes, feed the dog and bake cookies at the same time while showing their own pearly white smile. Or some sort of kid whisperer.

Basically, not you.

Or me.

My kiddo is that master of finding reasons not to brush his teeth.

“I still need to eat breakfast and I don’t want to brush them twice,” He whines.

Or, “I am too tired.”

But then we think to ourselves that this is ok. Our kids will lose their baby teeth in a couple years and we can work on their brushing habit some more tomorrow.

They can’t help that they don’t like brushing their teeth. It takes too long.

But does it have to?

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A Monster of a Toothbrush

“Is here yet, Mom?”

My five-year-old asked, brown eyes wide.

He had known for a couple weeks that he would get a new toothbrush in the mail for mommy to give an honest review of.

I shouldn’t have told him; his body couldn’t contain his innocent excitement.

But today was the day.

“It’s here.” He jumped in delight.

He would finally get to try the Super Powers 3X Toothbrush.

He insisted on opening it himself. Which means I ended up doing by myself. The plastic, like most well-packaged products, was like trying to break open something that holds precious diamonds.

But with the help of a home scissors, the orange and white toothbrush was free.

“It looks like a monster,” my husband said as he walked out the door for work.

He was right.

It is a monster of a toothbrush.


The KidzStuff 3X Super Powers Toothbrush

The head of the brush is the most interesting part. It has three brush heads that come together to wrap around your child’s tooth, creating one swift brushing motion.

No more having to brush in circles, side to side and all around.

Just back and forth.

That easy.

It has and easy to grip handle and is sized to fit according to your child’s age, plus gentle on gums.

You can buy it in orange for the medium size and blue for the large. You get three medium toothbrushes in one package for 7.99 or three larges for 9.99.

That’s nine months’ worth of toothbrushes.

A toothbrush that is sized for your kid and makes brushing easier and faster at an affordable price.

And it doesn’t even have to spin.

Yet, beware. The awesome three headed brush is great for brushing but difficult to clean. You have to make sure to take good care and clean it yourself.

Or you can make it a lesson on cleanliness for you child.


The REAL Test

There was still one terrifying thing I needed in order to write this review.

The most important part. After all, the toothbrush wasn’t for me.

What did my kid think?

Did his excitement turn to disappointment?

Not at all.

Once, in an attempt to get my kid to brush his teeth without debate, we bought him a pretty cool spinning toothbrush designed with a cartoon character he loves.

That cartoon plastered toothbrush sits unused.

He now uses the Superpowers 3X Toothbrush every day.

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Cross That Off

I know it may seem too easy, but this toothbrush has been great for my kid.

No more begging or debating to get his tiny teeth clean. No more before-bed excuses and tears.
Instead, I have a kid whose smile is getting a little brighter every day.

A smile to match his soul.

And it’s all because brushing teeth should be quick, easy and not full of gimmicks. A simple brush to help teach kids healthy dental habits for the rest of their life, including how to keep a brush head clean.

They will smile and so will you.

You can check one more thing off your too-long to-do list, supermom.

And maybe have a little more time to do something else you love.

Like write.



You can buy the KidzStuff Superpowers 3X Toothbrush here.

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