Christmas Story


Once upon a time there was a boy. A sixteen-year-old. He gets ages every Christmas. That’s a long time. 

But, it was Christmas already. But there were no presents under the tree, because he still didn’t go to bed. It’s still not nighttime. The sky is blue, but it’s white because of the snow clouds. 

The sky was black. The stars were out. It’s evening Christmas. Then he goed to bed. 

Santa comed. Then the presents were under the tree! 

Then he peeked out the window. He saw one color, cuz it was a squirrel. He thought it was a present but it was just a bunch of squirrels. It was not a present, just brown. 

He never peeked out the window again. 

The family wakes up and saw presents! 

Then they opened all their presents. Even the little boy. They were excited because there was a washing machine for the mommy. The daddy had a mixer, and a cutting thing. The baby had a thousand and one baby toys. And the brother had a toy remote control monster truck. The biggest one in the world! 

He was the happiest in the world. 

Happily ever after.

The end. 

Written by my five-year-old. 

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