On Fights, Forts and Stinky Diapers

FightsI gripped it tight in my hands and hit my little boy over the head.He giggled, so I smacked him again. My little stinker grabbed his own decorative couch pillow and chased me around the living room. The sound of his laugh made the winter night bright. My husband took the cream blanket, laid on the carpet and covered himself into a makeshift fort. My six-year-old son squealed with innocent joy but my daughter just looked up at me, confused until[Read more]

Kids Who Write -Amexico

Once upon a time, there was a very nice family. They could walk anywhere they wanted. Even to China!  They ran into an island. Which was very small. It was called Amexico. (That’s  actually a citied name.) The second island next to it was called Farbo and was smaller. The farthest place away from it was the tiniest town of all.  On the way to the island, their boat sunk! The ran into a river. It was too deep to walk across or[Read more]

Moms Who Write -Deanne Welsh

You know that writing is a difficult job, especially as a mom. But in this interview writing coach, mother and amazing writer Deanne Welsh is here to share how you can be an unstoppable writer.  1. Tell us about your family.My husband Jonathan and I met on eHarmony, and although we have mutual friends, it may have been years if we had waited to meet through them.  Jon says he knew he wanted to marry me on our first date, while I[Read more]

How to Win the War to Write with Consistency

You are exhausted, mama.You spent the entire week keeping the kids alive, cooking healthy meals, and writing and rewriting until you couldn’t read words anymore. The last thing you want to do on a Saturday night is write more. Instead, you could read, binge watch Stranger Things or sleep. Rest sounds like a dream.But so does being a writer.And if you want to be a successful writer, you must be consistent.Wait, Do I Really Need to be Consistent?Being consistent is one of the hardest things I’ve ever[Read more]

What It Feels Like to Be a Writing Mommy: 7 Writers Share

Aren’t moms amazing?They can make a boo-boo disappear like magic with a simple kiss. They can make a healthy dinner, wash and fold laundry and have a little dance party at the same time (we may do this at my house). And be a loving wife and best friend to their spouse. Then add the title writer to the mix.  Supermoms. No wonder this nickname started.  But what about the mom? How does she really feel about being a mom who writes? What[Read more]